Ecuador aims to close the gap in the water and sanitation coverage

    Coverage has increased for the quality and efficiency of the basic services of potable water, sanitary sewage, and collection and disposal of solid residues, seeking to improve the health and productivity conditions in rural and urban area...more information >

  • 13.7 kilometers of speed, efficience and technology

    Financed by CAF, the first Metro line in Panama is 13.7 km long, has 12 stations, and 19 trains with three carriages each. 

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    Andean bio-trade: a strategy for preservation and sustainable use

    Part of the results of this program include the training of more than 100 executives from financial and local development agencies, and close to 60 thousand hectares under sustainable management

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Uruguay supports the implementation of telemedicine systems

The penetration indices of telecommunication services are high and accesible. with a high degree of technical advancement and connectivity 

1 out of 3 Latin Americans belongs to the middle class

In the past decade, Latin America has reduced poverty and strengthened the growth of the middle class, which reaches almost 200 million people. These changes promise to t...

The renewal of poor neighbourhoods seeks to increase social inclusion

Most of the urban growth in Latin America is taking place in informal settlements. Therefore, the goal is to adapt these neighborhoods to better standards of living to pr...

2014 RED - For a Safer Latin America

Latin America is undergoing a crisis of epidemic proportions with respect to citizen safety. In 2010, there were 126,456 homicides, equivalent to 21 violent deaths per 10...

Young people are leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators

Young people in the region seek political participation spaces to be represented and heard, while at the same time they try to better themselves to have more working oppo...

The joint declaration signed by Panama and CAF highlighted a support of USD 2 billion for the next five years, to be used in projects that promote Panamanian development 

Enrique Garcia, Executive President of CAF, Development Bank of Latin America, has been honored as Visiting Professor in Practice by the Department of International Relations at the London School of Economics (LSE), a title granted for the first time by the Department 


II CAF-LSE Conference

Geopolitics and the Global South: Challenges of the Emerging International Order

Technical education and professional training in Latin America

To increase the competitiveness and productivity of the economies and their enterprises, it is essential to have enough qualified human capital. This seminar will present a scenario of the situation in Latin America, its challenges and opportunities, as well as what has been done in other parts of the world 

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