• 13.7 kilometers of speed, efficience and technology

    Financed by CAF, the first Metro line in Panama is 13.7 km long, has 12 stations, and 19 trains with three carriages each. 

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    Andean bio-trade: a strategy for preservation and sustainable use

    Part of the results of this program include the training of more than 100 executives from financial and local development agencies, and close to 60 thousand hectares under sustainable management

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    More and better land: promise of a better future

    With training, tools, and inputs, family farmers from Montevideo became producers of businesses and sustainable lands. An experience that may be repeated.

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From manufacturing to mindfacturing

Otto Granados, Director of Public Administration at Tecnologico de Monterrey, explains the situation of competitiveness in Latin America and which should be the ideal com...

Are we innovative in Latin America?

The innovation of products, processes, markets, and organizations need also technological innovation, which may be patentable and exportable outside Latin America. The re...

Boosting the trunk network will help expand connectivity in Peru

Advances in mining, fishing, agriculture, and tourism, may be the drivers to promote the development of sectorial ICT applications. 

Paraguay bets for the development of the ICT sector

With the development of the National Telecommunications Plan (2011-2015) connectivity in schools will increase 

Mexico leads the demand for on line trade and banking services

The country stands out in the region for having the highest use indices of fixed broadband due to its low price and accessibility

Traditional institutional, regulatory and promoter State, and mixed, are the three categories that promote employability, mobility, and income levels of people in the region.   

Latin America has 20 percent of the world's oil reserves, 4 percent of gas reserves, and almost 600 GW of hydroelectric potential, making it attractive to manage the growth of demand and promote the innovation of patentable technologies.  

Latin Trade Conference

The Conference, organized together with the Inter-American Development Bank and the AS/COA, will precede the presentation of the BRAVO Business Awards. 

The Mexico Summit

The Mexico Summit will convene Economist editors, policy-makers, thought-leaders and top business minds to apply fresh-thinking to the key pillars necessary for achieving long-term, sustainable economic growth in Mexico.

II Annual CAF-Oxford Conference

This Conference deals with the growth of the middle classes and its implications for economic development, as well as democratic consolidation in Latin America. 

The Latin America Africa Investment Summit

As their economies have grown in size and importance, the parallels between Latin America and Africa have been emphasized by politicians and pundits alike. From Brasilia to Johannesburg to Maputo, public sector policy and private sector ingenuity are driving the two continents closer together, and creating new and exciting opportunities for funds, corporates and financiers. 

World Water Week

The World Water Week is a global conference focused in the main topics and practical soulutions. It gathers experts, opinión leaders and decision makers from all corners around the world.

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Japan Credit Rating Agency AA
Moody's Investor Service Aa3 P-1
Standard & Poor's AA- A-1+
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Entrevista a Enrique García, presidente ejecutivo de CAF

Tele Buen Día - Canal 4 Uruguay

Montevideo, 17 de July de 2014

Entrevista a Enrique García en el programa Posdata

Cadena A - Canal 36 Bolivia

La Paz, 07 de July de 2014

Standard & Poor's confirma calificaciones de CAF; la perspectiva es estable

Bolsa Mexicana de Valores

Nueva York, 02 de July de 2014