CAF-SIECA Alliance to Promote Regional Integration

Accord signed in Brazil will rely on synergies between both institutions to support public and private-sector programs that promote regional integration.

Entrepreneurs will Learn How to Present Proposals to Investors

From March 31st to April 3rd, a workshop will take place in the Institute of the Americas to show examples of successful alliances between innovators from the United States and Latin America. 

Brazil's Environment Ministry and CAF sign accord to address Climate Change

The accord will address biodiversity, forestry conservation and the sustainable use of water, among other issues.

Caf and Ministry of Mining and Energy Sign Agreement for Energy Integration in Latin America

The first study executed in the framework of the agreement, is aimed at the possibilities of reducing the costs of transmission lines, and the increase of security in the interconnection systems. 

Innovators of America Closes the Nomination Period for the Second Edition of its Awards

Dominican Republic - Innovators of America, a venture spearheaded by CAF-development bank of Latin America-and Grupo Ezentis S.A., has announced that the window to submit applications for the organization's second awards ceremony, honoring...

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