• noticia - Ecuador aims to close the gap in the water and sanitation coverage
  • noticia - 13.7 kilometers of speed, efficience and technology
  • noticia - Andean bio-trade: a strategy for preservation and sustainable use

    Ecuador aims to close the gap in the water and sanitation coverage

    Coverage has increased for the quality and efficiency of the basic services of potable water, sanitary sewage, and collection and disposal of solid residues, seeking to improve the health and productivity conditions in rural and urban area...more information >

  • 13.7 kilometers of speed, efficience and technology

    Financed by CAF, the first Metro line in Panama is 13.7 km long, has 12 stations, and 19 trains with three carriages each. 

    more information >

    Andean bio-trade: a strategy for preservation and sustainable use

    Part of the results of this program include the training of more than 100 executives from financial and local development agencies, and close to 60 thousand hectares under sustainable management

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Registering a patent is a simple and profitable process

The gap between a good idea and a successful reality may end when private investment participates 

img - How to make a city a space of social equity
How to make a city a space of social equity

Some of the measures that may favor the development of the civic fabric, are the construction of public works and the fitting out of linear, public, and pedestrian parks&...

Electronic monitoring and hotspot policing - Rafael DiTella

Focusing investment on preventive and social policies is the key to solve the problem of crime in the region 

Latin America: toward social innovation

Innovation seeks to achieve social and environmental transformation by solving problems while simultaneously, creating value for society. 

Gender equity: challenges for women

Achieving gender equity is one of the greatest challenges in today's society, which seeks the inclusion of women in decision-making processes. 

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noticia - Enrique Garcia, CAF's Executive President, is bestowed the Gran Cruz de la Orden de Isabel la Católica (Grand Cross of the Order of Isabel the Catholic)

The Council of Ministers of Spain approved a royal decree granting the decoration that recognizes the extraordinary behaviors, of a civil character, carried out by Spanish or foreign individuals, that benefit Spain or make a relevant contribution to favor the friendship and cooperation of the Spanish nation with the rest of the international community. 

noticia - Enrique Garcia visits China to promote effective cooperation and financing mechanisms for the region

In the framework of the V CAF-ILAS Conference, Enrique Garcia met with high authorities from the economic, financial, and academic sectors in the country 

img - XIX CAF Annual Conference
XIX CAF Annual Conference

More than 100 leaders from the Americas will meet in Washington, D.C., to debate about the main Latin American challenges in the dynamic global scenario

img - 2015 Latin American Telecommunications Congress
2015 Latin American Telecommunications Congress

In its third version, the 2015 CLT will be the gathering point for the main actors of the Latin American telecommunications industry, who will meet to share experiences, good practices regarding public policies and discuss the regional regulatory challenges. 

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  2. bullet - 2015 Latin American Telecommunications Congress
Fitch Ratings AA- F1+
Japan Credit Rating Agency AA
Moody's Investor Service Aa3 P-1
Standard & Poor's AA- A-1+
img - CAF Research Scholarships
CAF Research Scholarships

Research scholarships allow Latin American university teachers develop research projects regarding a topic related to CAF's comprehensive development agenda, in the academic environment of a prestigious European university

img - Postgraduate CAF Scholarships
Postgraduate CAF Scholarships

Postgraduate scholarships contribute to educate young Latin Americans in areas directly related with the region's comprehensive development agenda. Tuition fees are financed with these scholarships

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  2. bullet - Postgraduate CAF Scholarships
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