• 13.7 kilometers of speed, efficience and technology

    Financed by CAF, the first Metro line in Panama is 13.7 km long, has 12 stations, and 19 trains with three carriages each. 

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    Andean bio-trade: a strategy for preservation and sustainable use

    Part of the results of this program include the training of more than 100 executives from financial and local development agencies, and close to 60 thousand hectares under sustainable management

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    More and better land: promise of a better future

    With training, tools, and inputs, family farmers from Montevideo became producers of businesses and sustainable lands. An experience that may be repeated.

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Impact Evaluation - Argentina

Lucia Morale, program coordinator at CEDOP, Argentina, explain the use of impact evaluation to measure the effectiveness of programs. The program aims to train police off...

For a Safer Latin America: a New Perspective to Prevent and Control Crime

CAF's 2014 Economy and Development Report proposes a new approach to understand insecurity and violence from the analysis of the elements that make up a criminal event (i...

Uruguay supports the implementation of telemedicine systems

The penetration indices of telecommunication services are high and accesible. with a high degree of technical advancement and connectivity 

The renewal of poor neighbourhoods seeks to increase social inclusion

Most of the urban growth in Latin America is taking place in informal settlements. Therefore, the goal is to adapt these neighborhoods to better standards of living to pr...

IV CAF-ILAS Conference

The IV CAF-ILAS conference, held in China, included the participation of public authorities, entrepreneurs, academics, and professionals of the development area, to discu...

Enrique García, executive president of CAF -development bank of Latin America- stressed the importance of multilateral financing in meeting the challenge of climate change at today's United Nations Climate Summit on behalf of the IDFC, the world's largest source of public funding for climate programs

CAF's 2014 Economy and Development Report (RED, for its acronym in Spanish), proposes a comprehensive approach to plan, design, and implement effective interventions to fight crime in Latin America 

Latin Trade Conference

The Conference, organized together with the Inter-American Development Bank and the AS/COA, will precede the presentation of the BRAVO Business Awards. 

Waterways for the development and integration of South America

The objective of this meeting is to learn about the situation and prospects for the development of the waterways in South America, the political visions regarding their contribution to economic and social development,  as well as the identification of strategic projects. In addition, CAF´s Regional Program for the Development of the South American Waterways" will be presented

Latin American Cities Conferences

AS/CoA, an institution which promotes dialogue and debate regarding the main political, social, and economic issues in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada, holds the cycle of meetings, "Latin American Cities Conferences" in the main cities in Latin America, to analyze crucial topics for the progress and the development of the region related to growth and economic prospects, democracy, education, technological innovation, and the new emerging integration schemes. 

II Annual CAF-Oxford Conference

This Conference deals with the growth of the middle classes and its implications for economic development, as well as democratic consolidation in Latin America. 

The Mexico Summit

The Mexico Summit will convene Economist editors, policy-makers, thought-leaders and top business minds to apply fresh-thinking to the key pillars necessary for achieving long-term, sustainable economic growth in Mexico.

Fitch Ratings AA- F1+
Japan Credit Rating Agency AA
Moody's Investor Service Aa3 P-1
Standard & Poor's AA- A-1+
AintNoNeed - Collaborative Economy

We are seeking for entrepreneurs around the world that propose sustainable solutions with the potential to impact millions of people in Colombia, based on collaborative economy

Technological Patents for Development Regional Initiative

The call for entries seeks to promote the presentation of technological patentable concepts by individuals and institutions, as well as the development of Patents Incubators in the region 

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CAF destaca a Colombia como líder en emprendimiento


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“Creímos que el mercado lo resolvía todo”

El País

Washington, DC, 13 de September de 2014