Julio Sajinés Goytia
(1976 - 1981)

During his administration,  CAF had to face many difficult situations: Chile's decision to withdraw from the  Andean Pact in 1976 and from the Institution in 1977, and the stagnation of industrial programming and trade liberalization, as had been agreed in the  Andean integration framework. However, CAF continued the process of  institutional and administrative consolidation.

Among the institutional actions that CAF adopted, which contributed to normalize the institutional operation, the formalization of the agreement with Venezuela (1978), and the adoption of general and personnel regulations are noteworthy.

In 1978, as part of the activities expanding financial brokerage operations,  CAF  obtained the first  syndicated loan in the  international banking system, led by  Bank of America. In addition to continuing to strengthen its usual operations,  CAF ventured into  priority sectors for the development of its shareholder countries, such as oil and agricultural related businesses.

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