CAF promotes a strategic vision of border integration that allows shareholder countries to adequately plan and coordinate programs and projects for the best use of shared potential, opportunities for cooperation, and strengthened bilateral and multilateral dialogue in regions having a common border.

Through PADIF, the institution promotes more than 25 initiatives for the design and implementation of the Bi-national Border Development and Integration Plans, the creation of Border Integration Zones (ZIF), and sub-regional policies of UNASUR, Andean Community (CAN), and MERCOSUR  countries.

These initiatives are aimed at promoting land-use planning, prioritizing and planning physical, economic and productive integration projects, fostering sustainable human development, and strengthening the structural fabric of institutions and communities, thus contributing to increased dialogue and cooperation in border regions.

All these initiatives are undertaken with technical cooperation resources from the Border Cooperation and Integration Fund (COPIF).

Border Cooperation and Integration Fund (COPIF)

COPIF was created in March 2008 to support the timely identification, preparation, and execution of high impact projects that promote sustainable human development in the border regions of member countries, and that contribute to strengthen cooperation, dialogue, mutual trust and bilateral and multilateral border integration.

This fund, which is available to receive resources from member countries and multilateral agencies and institutions, was established with CAF's initial contribution of USD 4 million, which will gradually be increased until a total amount of USD 25 million is reached.

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