The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) is the main training and capacity-building arm of the United Nations to improve global decision-making and support country action to shape A better future. Pursuant to General Assembly resolution 1934 (XVIII) of December 11, 1963 and resolution 42/197 of December 11, 1987, UNITAR was created to train diplomats, UN personnel and permanent missions to the UN with the necessary knowledge and skills in the diplomatic career to guarantee the effectiveness of the United Nations. ​

UNITAR's New York Office is dedicated to fulfilling its small part in the larger United Nations mandate. To this end, the New York Office aims to equip members of this community with the ability to navigate and contribute to the United Nations more broadly. It also focuses on the needs of delegates from developing and least developed countries, providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate effectively within the United Nations system.​



Core courses

  • The Work of the Economic and Social Council v Elections in the United Nations Organs
  • SDG Learning, Training and Practice 2023 – HLPF
    Special Event
  • The Structure, Drafting, and Adoption of United Nations Resolutions
  • Guidelines for United Nations Resolutions v United Nations Budget System v 78th United Nations General Assembly and the Main Committees
  • Introduction for Elected members and Non-Permanent
    Members on the Work of the Security Council


Orientation Courses

  • Effective Negotiation in Multilateral Conferences v Drafting Skills and Report Writing
  • Practical Preparation for Membership in the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission
  • Financing for Development and the 2030 Agenda


Lecture Series

  • International Migration and the SDGS
  • Climate Change and the Future of the Paris Agreement
  • Introduction to ocean affairs and law of the sea: Key concepts and processes
  • Introduction to the United Nations Fish Stocks Agreement and related processes
  • Columbia Law School Series: Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Negotiation



  • The concept of sustainability
  • Business and the 2030 Agenda: Working Together Towards a Sustainable Future
  • Achieving Peace, Preventative Diplomacy, Multilateral Negotiation, and Mediation: A Road to a Call for Peace
  • Harnessing climate and SDGs synergies: raise ambition in the era of Paris +5 and pandemic recovery


Special Serie

  • Looking Toward COP 28
  • Values at Work: Sustainable Investing and ESG Reporting
  • Global Diplomacy Initiative: Special Programme for International Students
  • UNITAR President of the General Assembly Fellowship Programme
  • Concert Series


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