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This section presents CAF's management model for GEF projects once it is accredited as an implementing agency for the fund; for information on individuals and organizations interested in presenting proposals to access GEF financing or individuals who may be directly or indirectly affected by potential impacts from the initiatives proposed during the project's cycle.

To request information, send complaints, or report concerns regarding CAF-GEF projects, write to proyectosgef@caf.com


Components of the management model:


Application of the management model:

The model will be applied to selected initiatives from CAF shareholder countries in strategic focal and multi-focal GEF areas, in order to promote improvement in the quality of life of societies, overcoming poverty, economic development, and the wellbeing of people in the long term. The selection criteria consider:


Policy guidelines for CAF-GEF environmental and social safeguards

In compliance with the minimum standards of GEF's environmental and social safeguard policies, CAF presents its "Policy guidelines for environmental and social safeguards for GEF projects":
  1. Environmental and social evaluation
  2. Natural habitats
  3. Involuntary resettlements
  4. Indigenous peoples
  5. Pest control
  6. Cultural and physical resources
  7. Dam security
  8. Accountability and address of complaints
  9. Gender equity

For the development of these guidelines, CAF has reviewed policy frameworks from different multilateral financing organizations. The safeguards called CORE Standards by GEF contain:   


CAF-GEF Public Participation Policy Guidelines

The participation principles crosscut the other policy guidelines such as the one regarding environmental and social safeguards and the project's management framework.

These guidelines intend to guarantee the design and development of projects considering:


Management framework of CAF-GEF projects

CAF has a management framework for GEF projects, which coordinates a set of technical criteria, methodologies, procedures, and  tools to be used in the different stages of the project's cycle.

This management framework based on results, uses the logical framework as methodological tools for the design, follow-up, and evaluation of GEF projects, and the Guidelines for CAF's public participation policy as a basis for its application.


Complaints management system

In the framework of the accountability and address of complaints principles, a system to manage complaints is foreseen to address those that may generate during the cycle of CAF-GEF projects. With this in mind, an ad hoc committee has been established to manage complaints, made up by CAF managers, and an accountability and ombudsperson has been appointed.

The Committee will be ruled by the norms and procedures adopted for this effect, in the framework of the policy guidelines regarding accountability and compliance with environmental and social safeguards for the projects.

pdfEnvironmental and Social Safeguards for CAF-GEF Projects Manual2 MB
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