CAF´s Labor Integrity Committee

The Integrity and Ethics Committee is a body chartered to ensure compliance to the Ethical Conduct Guidelines, which aim to establish and promote high ethical standards in effect at all times in all CAF-Development Bank of Latin America- operations by promoting responsible, integrity and honest conduct that protect and uphold the institution's image in the face of shareholders, directors, officers, clients, service providers and the general public.

The Ethical Conduct Guidelines aim to safeguard the integrity and interests of CAF and create awareness of those situations that could damage or impair the institution's image.

All officers, employees and service providers within the organization must remain compliant to the Ethical Conduct Guidelines. Within these categories, all consultants, interns and any other personnel including those on exchange assignments will be applicable to the guidelines as well.


Channels available to file complaints


Postal mail: Send a sealed envelope to any of the CAF offices (including the Headquarters), to the attention of the Technical Secretary of the Labor Integrity Committee.

Phone number: + 58 (212) 209-2330

Whistleblower Protection 

In accordance with CAF's Ethical Conduct Guidelines, the Labor Integrity Committee ensures the confidentiality of the source and of the information provided to it.

Also, consider that you have the option of making anonymous complaints and that retaliatory measures against people who file complaints or those who provide evidence or testimonies are considered a violation of CAF's Ethical Conduct Guidelines.


Data protection

The reception, storage, sending to third parties and/or any processing of complaints that contain basic or sensitive personal data will be considered "personal data processing managed by CAF", for which reason they must be carried out under the principles established in the internal regulations of CAF, which are: lawfulness, fairness and transparency, purpose limitation, data minimization, accuracy, storage limitation, integrity and confidentiality.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning that CAF may transmit or communicate information on complaints to third parties with whom CAF maintains a collaboration agreement or service provision relationship, in accordance with internal regulations.

The Risk Management Department, under the function of the Data Protection Officer (DPO), will support those responsible for processing personal data within the complaints process to establish the corresponding protection and processing measures for personal data.

In addition, the DPO at CAF has an email address, where the rights of the interested parties are exercised and if they require more information in this regard, they can consult the Privacy Policy published on the Web page.

By submitting a complaint, I agree that CAF will process my personal data.