Micro-Credential: Expert in PPP Contract Management

July 04 to August15, 2019
Micro-Credential: Expert in PPP Contract Management

This training, in Spanish, will consist of 5 e-learning courses, 4 massive open online courses (MOOCs) and a final course with a final paid exam, which will review specific aspects of management by analyzing them in detail. These will have a fully practical approach, facing students with the challenge of managing different scenarios based on real cases. 

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Each of the courses will address the topics: introduction, organization, and preparation of the operating manual; management of changes and defaults; and management from the point of view of the private sector.

For each phase the situation analyzed, first will be presented the available tools for its management and the different distinct plantations will be planted. These exercises will allow you, consecutively, to become familiar with the tools, select the most appropriate for a particular contract and use them to manage specific situations. Students will perform different exercises in each course. The type and number of exercises will depend on the tools and techniques to use. If possible, these exercises will be based on situations and/or real projects and will have a self-correcting format.

The final course will lead to the certification of Experiment in Contract Management of Public-Private Associations issued by CAF -development bank of Latin America-

  1. Introduction to PPPs Contract Management (3rd edition): Starts on 01/08/2019
  2. Contract Management PPPs: Organization and Operational Manual (2nd edition): Starts on 05/09/2019
  3. Contract Management PPPs: Modification, Renegotiation, and Rebalancing (2nd edition): Starts on 26/09/2019
  4. Contract Management PPPs: Default, Securities and Early Termination (2nd edition): Starts on 17/10/2019
  5. Contract Management PPPs: From a Private Sector Viewpoint: Starts 7/11/2019


  • You are advised to have knowledge about what PPP contracts and their main features are. Also, you must be familiarized with the PPP project cycle and notions about the preparation, bidding, and adjudication of this type of contract.
  • The courses are aimed at civil servants working on PPP-related topics.
  • The first 4 free courses can be registered with each one of them individually.
  • Access to the fifth course and final biometric exam is paid. The total value is 320 euros. CAF has subsidized 50% of the course fee, for which it has a cost for the participant of 160 euros.
  • To receive a certificate of "Expert in PPPs Contract Management" you must pass each of the 5 courses and the final exam for any of the tenders to surrender.
  • If you have attended and surpassed the first four courses (in previous editions) if you will be validated two results and you can choose to only attend the fifth course.
  • The 5 courses that were opened just after the second call for the final exam.