Call for Proposals: Transport Infrastructure for the Development of Latin America

July 31 to September 13, 2020
Transport Infrastructure for the Development of Latin America

Through this call, CAF–development dank of Latin America– is issuing this call for research proposals that implement quantitative spatial economic models for the analysis of transport infrastructure projects and their impact on the economic development of Latin America


The research team is pleased to announce the results of this call for proposals. We received 120 proposals in total, including numerous promising projects by talented research teams. After careful assessment of every proposal following the selection criteria described in the Terms and conditions of this call, the selection committee selected the following five proposals (by order of arrival):

  • The Long and Winding Roads: Roads, Inequality, and Growth, by Luis E. Quintero and Guillermo Sinisterra (partial funding).
  • Urban Transit Infrastructure: Spatial Mismatch and Labor Market Power, by Felipe Vial Lecaros, Jorge Pérez Pérez and Román David Zárate (full funding).
  • Urban transit infrastructure: gender heterogeneity in welfare gains, by Daniel Velasquez, Sebastian Sotelo (full funding).
  • How Infrastructure Shapes Comparative Advantage (extensions), by Luis Alberto Baldomero Quintana (partial funding).
  • Evaluating the Impact of Buenos Aires’s Metrobus on Within-City Spatial Sorting, by Pablo Ernesto Warnes (full funding).