Second Regional Conference of District Cooling Technologies in Latin America and the Caribbean

Panama City October 26, 2015
Second Regional Conference of District Cooling Technologies in Latin America and the Caribbean

Experts from the region will discuss various techniques to identify and introduce projects on technologies for cooling deep ocean waters (SWAC), ocean thermal energy conversion systems (OTEC) and urban cooling (District Cooling) in Latin America and the Caribbean.


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Victor Urrutia
Victor Urrutia National Secretary of Energy

With broad experience in the energetic sector, he serves as Secretary of Energy. He has been an independent consultant conducting feasibility studies, market research, surveys and other engineering projects. He was the National Authority of Public Services ASEP administrator. Among his achievements is the ordering of concessions allocation processes and power generation licenses and the reintroduction of auctions for the allocation of resources. He carried out the long term bids for the supply of electricity. He participated in the committee that prepared the draft of the law that created the Resulatory and Institutional Framework for the Provision of Public Electricity of the Republic of Panama (Act 6 of 1997) He has served as an expert witness in legal proceedings and arbitrations related to the electricity sector and is a member of the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Arquitects (SPIA) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He is an electrical engineer graduated from Purdue University, Indiana, United States. He has a PhD and MSc in Physics from the same university. He has served as a professor of Electronics and Communications Engineering and Physics at the University of Panama. 

Iván Barria
Iván Barria General Manager of the Electricity Transmission Company S.A. (ETESA)

He has worked as an independent consultant and has developed several energy projects in Latin America. He has an extensive experience in managing automotive, digital communications, maintenance and financial services companies. Furthermore, Mr. Barria was appointed as contractor by the U.S. government in Panama. He was also part of CONAE, a commission which later became the National Secretariat of Energy. From 2009 to 2014, he was Director and Chairman of the Energy Commission of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama. Mr. Barria is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and SAE -Society of Automotive Engineers-. He graduated from Villanova University in Pennsylvania, United States, where he earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Barria holds a Master's in Business Administration from INCAE.

François-Marie THIEBOT
François-Marie THIEBOT Product Development Manager. Marine Energies Business Line DCNS Energies and Marine Infrastructures Division

He is in charge of product development for the Marine Energy product line at DCNS. He had spent three years among the OTEC technical staff when NEMO offshore pilot project in Martinique was awarded under the NER300 programme by the European Commission. Now, he has turned towards developing new energy solutions matching island specific needs, amongst them are SWAC and use of deep sea water in general. As DCNS, Francois-Marie Thiébot is convinced that the oceans contain the solutions to the human, economic and environmental issues now facing the blue planet. Thus he believes that sustainable development of the potential of the sea is the key for our future.

Patrick Maio
Patrick Maio CEO- Hinicio

A Brussels-based strategy consulting firm specialized in renewable energies and sustainable mobility. Over his 17+ years career Maio has supervised more than 100 assignments in 15 countries in Europe, USA, Asia, North Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. Maio has been advising leading energy utilities, gas companies, industries, as well as a wide range of start-ups companies, cleantech investors, governments and public authorities in both developed and developing economies.  Maio leads an international team of engineers, economists and policy specialists advising customers on strategic issues ranging from deployment and financing of renewable energy projects, innovation management and technology transfer, as well as public policies. Maio currently serves as non-executive director to several renewable energy start-ups. Among his responsibilities, Maio is a referenced senior expert on energy and climate change for the European Commission and the European Parliament. Maio is a Member of the Society of Industry Leaders and the Institute of Directors. Before setting up Hinicio, Patrick used to be a manager at Ernst & Young. Maio is an electrical engineer graduate and a MBA graduate from Solvay Business School.

Jose M. Andrés
Jose M. Andrés Makai Ocean Engineering President and CEO

He is responsible for all aspects of Makai's diverse portfolio of business and leads a team of technical program managers in all areas of Makai's engineering research and design, ocean renewable energy and software development. Since 1978, Makai has designed and overseen construction of more than a dozen seawater pipelines for OTEC, lake and seawater cooling systems, including the first net-power offshore OTEC plant and the first commercial SWAC system in French Polynesia, and has participated in several designs of district cooling systems. In August 2015, Makai commissioned the world's largest operational OTEC plant in Hawaii, making it the first connection of OTEC power to a U.S. electrical grid. He is Ph.D., P.E.

Alvaro Atilano
Alvaro Atilano CAF- development bank of Latin America Principal Executive, Directorate of Energy Analysis and Strategy at CAF

Has more than 30 years of professional experience.  He currently acts as Principal Executive to the Vice-president of Energy for CAF - development bank of Latin America, and is the coordinator of the Regional Technological Development Patent Initiative. He has lived in the United States, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and his performance as an international consultant stands out in more than 10 countries in Latin America. He has been involved in the development and establishment of patentable technological development processes and projects in the region.  He has a vast experience in investment projects from World Bank, the United Nations Inter-American Development Bank. He has a masters in Environmental Engineering from the University of Southern California and a degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts. He is also an inventor and has technological patents granted by USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).

Bruno Garnier
Bruno Garnier Director and founder of DPI, as well as project director

Renewable energy engineer for the last 13 years. Ex-director of BP Solar Polynesia Agency. In the past he has been a technical advisor for the French Ministry of Energy in Polynesia. He is currently the consultant to numerous renewable thermal and electric energy projects at IFREMER. He currently works on SWAC projects at the Maldives and Reunion Islands. He has presented about SWAC systems at various conferences (ICOE 2008, ACCDOM ...) Cited in 2008 AIE/OES report.

Philippe Beutin
Philippe Beutin Ingénieur des mines (Engineering degree from School of Mines)

In 2005 he was consultant ADEME International for energy and climate change. In charge of partnership energy projects with India, Thailand and Mauritius. Involved in the implementation of large projects (marine technologies, biomass, smart grids...) in close links with the private sector.  From 2007 to 2015  he became CEO of  ADEME (French energy agency for environment and energy) for the Indian Ocean (islands of Mayotte and Reunion) in charge of the promotion of all renewable energy sources and energy efficiency programmes. Involved in innovative projects (smarts grids, SWAC projects...). Partnership with EDF, Engie and small size companies. He was Head of the Renewable energy division of ADEME in the Sophia Antipolis Technopark (Southern part of France) and correspondant of the EU at French level (promotion of renewable energy sources) form 1997 to 2007 and   Eureka network: in charge of industrial innovative projects in the fields of water, energy at European level (Paris and Brussels) fom 1992 to 1996    

Remi Blokker
Remi Blokker Bluerise CEO

Co-founder and CEO of Bluerise, which develops energy systems that use temperature differences in the oceans to generate electricity and cooling. Bluerise enables tropical islands and coastal regions to become 100% energy independent and can help its customers to save up to 90% on cooling related electricity use. Covering seventy percent of our globe, the oceans are the largest solar collectors and can provide a vast amount of clean and renewable energy, day and night. Bluerise currently develops one of the World's first Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion pilot facilities to be located at the premises of Curacao International Airport.  Bluerise is the fourth startup that Remi has (co-)founded. Previous successful ventures include No Wires Needed, a WiFi pioneer, which was founded in 1993, the early days of Internet, sold to Intersil Corporation in 2000 and Avinity Systems, sold to ActiveVideo Networks in 2009. Today, he is again trying to make a difference with Bluerise. He holds a BSEE (cum laude) from Amsterdam Polytechnic and a Master of Business in Energy Systems from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.


Jorge Arosemena
Jorge Arosemena Sociologist. CEO Fundación Ciudad del Saber

He studied Civil Engeneering in  Universidad de Panamá, has a Master in Sociology and bachelour´s degree in Clásic philosophy both in Soint Louis Universuty, USA.  Jorge is an assosiate professor of sociology at Universidad de Panamasince 1971. He has been Secretary General and Academic vice president of this institution. In the public sector he has been general manager of Instituto Panameño de Turismo, deputy minister of the presidency, deputy minister and minister of Education. His reaserch work and realeases have revolved around topics such as Education and Development. Since 1997 he has been CEO of Fundación Ciudad Saber, a non- governamental institution that has transformed a military base into an International Center for universities, reaserch centers, high tech companiers and international organizations. He has had an extencive experience cooperating with international programs, particularly with European Union, Inter-American Development Bank and World Bank.

Herman Pineda
Herman Pineda EPM (Profesional Planeación Energía)

Twenty two years at EPM, from which nineteen years of experience were in the fields of gas fuels, particularly in natural gas and aspects related to the identification, structuring and evaluation of expansion projects, as well as the new uses of natural gas; planning and defining strategies for growth demand and markets in the industry of natural gas and in the process of infrastructure planning (business investment) and goal setting. Structuring business plans; design, construction and supervision of distribution networks as well as networks for internal installations; preparation of terms of reference for hiring labor and material supply; management of business relations with clients, suppliers and contractors, participation in the implementing and monitoring  the quality control system. He participated and led energy efficiency studies on various projects, including theDistrito Térmico La Alpujarra; currently he coordinates the projectDistritos Termicos(Thermal districts) in Colombia that arose from the agreement signed by the Swiss government, the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development of Colombia, the Presidential Cooperation Agency of Colombia and EPM. Before being part of the Gas Vice-presidency, he worked as a design engineer in the water Vice-presidency of EPM. He is a Civil Engineer from the National University of Colombia with a minor in Hydraulics and Business Administration