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Colombia, BogotáApril  24  to 28, 2017Latin American Analysis Journalism workshop, with Michael Reid
evento - Latin American Analysis Journalism workshop, with Michael Reid

In this five-day workshop, the general subject will be transformation and the political and socio-economic challenges in Latin America. Selected participants must arrive in Bogota with a first analysis proposal, which will be the center of discussion and edition during most of the workshop. 

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The challenges that a journalist who wants to exercise analysis as a journalistic format include interpreting the facts of a country; reading that country in the context of its region and the world; connecting unclear dots between areas that editing usually considers separately, such as politics, economics, or foreign relations; proposing different approaches and alternative readings; and writing all of that in an accessible language, thinking about a specific audience and a brief period of time.  

How is an analysis structured and which are the challenges when creating it, researching it, proposing arguments, and writing it? How is it different from an editorial, a column, and other interpretation genders? What specific elements have to be considered when making journalistic analysis in our countries? 

After 34 years working, reporting, and researching in our countries, Michael Reid will share his experience, which includes two reference books to understand contemporary Latin America and a renowned work as an analyst in our region for The Economist. The workshop will work with the analysis proposals brought by participants. 

This workshop is organized by the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Foundation for the New Ibero-American Journalism (FNPI, for its acronym in Spanish), CAF, Development Bank of Latin America, ProColombia and Marca País, with the support of Andiarios.

Interested individuals will find the requirements to participate and register at the FNPI web page.


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