Capacity Building and Public Management for Development

As a way to discuss the main ideas in the publication "The Development Challenge in Latin America", CAF is launching a cycle of talks called “Development Dialogues” to be held from different countries in the region and which will feature leading experts and opinion leaders.

“The Development Challenge in Latin America” discusses the history of the region, its economic practices and puts forward a set of policies for a more productive, integrated and inclusive Latin America. The book addresses topics ranging from infrastructure to natural resources from perspectives that include regional integration, digital revolution, and employment.

The first edition of the Development Dialogues, to be held in Panama, will focus on capacity building and public management for development. COVID-19 has put the responsiveness of governments in to the test, as they address an healthcare, economic and social crisis. This scenario has brought about new challenges and imposed new limits for government action and public bureaucracies, both in terms of their ability to respond to demands in a changing world and to regulate, enhance transparency of, and oversee decision-making in times of emergency.


*Local time (of the country where you are located)
  • Opening
    • Luis Carranza Ex Presidente Ejecutivo de CAF
  • Keynote "Development Challenges for Latin America"
    • Augusto de la Torre Director del Centro de Investigaciones Económicas y Empresariales (CIEE) de la Universidad de las Américas, Ecuador
  • Remarks
    • Alberto Trejos Decano del INCAE Business School
  • Dialogue: "Strengthening Capacities and Public Management for Development"
    • Epsy Campbell Exprimera Vicepresidenta de la República de Costa Rica
    • Enelda Medrano de González Viceministra de Economía de Panamá
    • Gloria Luz Alejandre Vicepresidenta del Consejo Directivo del Instituto Nacional de Administración Pública (INAP), México
    • Pablo Sanguinetti Ex vicepresidente de Conocimiento, CAF
  • Closure

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