CAF Conference Latin America and the Caribbean: a region of solutions

The CAF Conference Latin America and the Caribbean: A Region of Global Solutions is an international gathering driven by CAF - Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean - that aims to create a space for dialogue and exchange of ideas to shape the future of the region.

Despite experiencing solid economic growth in the first decade of the 21st century, Latin America and the Caribbean face persistent challenges: a productivity gap compared to more developed economies, disproportionate vulnerability to climate change, and the provision of basic services to improve the quality of life for the entire population.

Despite the diversity of strategies and economic policies implemented in the region, the results are far from enabling us to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. In this context, our region requires a fresh perspective and innovative solutions to achieve a better quality of life for everyone.

The thematic and sectoral focuses of the conference reflect the crucial challenges facing the region. From economic conditions to digital transformation, including the regional integration of the Caribbean, the green agenda, and climate change, this conference will address fundamental issues for the sustainable and inclusive development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Furthermore, the event aims to identify challenges and propose regional solutions to pressing global issues, relying on allies from the public and private sectors as well as civil society. Thus, the conference seeks to become a reference platform for debate and the generation of effective solutions in the region.

Date: February 1, 2024

Time: 8:00 a.m.

*The event will be streamed on this same microsite.


*Local time (of the country where you are located)
  • Opening
    • Caroline Schmitt Journalist
  • Welcoming remarks
    • Sergio Díaz-Granados Executive President, CAF -Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean-
    • Janaina Tewaney Mencomo Minister of Foreign Affairs of Panama
  • Remarks by Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
  • Keynote address "Poverty Reduction and the Economics of Economic Development"

    Introduction by Ernesto Schargrodsky, Director of Socioeconomic Research, CAF -development bank of Latin America and the Caribbean-

    • Esther Duflo 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics
  • Presentation "Reflections on the development agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean"
    • Carlos Felipe Jaramillo Vice President for the Latin American and the Caribbean Region, World Bank
  • Panel discussion "Latin America and the Caribbean in the global environment"

    Moderator: Lorena Arroyo Valles, Director of América Futura of El País

    • Stephanie Valencia President and Co-Founder Equis Institute
    • Alejandro Werner Director of the Institute of the Americas, Georgetown
    • Michelle Muschett Assistant Secretary General, Deputy Administrator and Director of the Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean, UNDP
    • Oscar Gamboa Former Minister Counselor of the Colombian Embassy in the U.S.A.
  • Discussion Panel "A look at our economies in 2024"

    Moderator: Yandira Nuñez, Deputy Editorial Director of Forbes

    • Marcela Meléndez Deputy Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean (World Bank)
    • Adriana Arreaza Head of the Knowledge Department, CAF -Development Bank of Latin America-
    • Simón Cueva Armijos Former Minister of Economy and Finance, Ecuador
  • Break
  • Conference "Biodiversity as a source of innovation and productive development in Latin America and the Caribbean"

    Introduction by Alicia Montalvo, Manager of Climate Action and Positive Biodiversity of CAF -Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean-

    • Amir Lebdioui Professor of Economics, University of Oxford
  • Talk "The great conservation challenges"

    Moderator: Alicia Montalvo, Manager of Climate Action and Positive Biodiversity, CAF -development bank of Latin America and the Caribbean-

    • Aurelio Ramos Audubon Americas
    • Marcela Fernández Founder Cumbres Blancas
  • Talk "The challenges of the gender agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean"

    Moderator: Ana Baiardi, Manager of Gender, Inclusion and Diversity of CAF -development bank of Latin America and the Caribbean-

    • Julieta Martínez Activist and founder of the Tremendas Platform, Chile.
    • Andrea de la Piedra CEO Aequales Latinamerica
    • Luz Haro Executive Secretary of the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Rural Women - REDLAC
  • Talk "Bringing the Caribbean and Latin America closer together"

    Introduces Stacy Richards-Kennedy, Regional Manager for the Caribbean CAF -development bank of Latin America and the Caribbean-

    • Hilary Beckles Vice Chancellor, The University of the West Indies
  • Break
  • Conference "Panama as a tourist destination"

    Moderator: Oscar Rueda, Director of Sustainable Tourism CAF

    • Denise Guillén Zúñiga Minister of Tourism of Panama
  • Panel discussion Private sector: an ally for the sustainable development of Latin America and the Caribbean"

    Moderator: Samya Paiva, CAF Risk Manager

    • Sergio Londoño Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability for Coca-Cola Latin America
    • Gonzalo Uriarte President AB Chile
    • Gabriela Bertol Sustainability Manager Santander (Brazil)
  • Discussion Panel "Visions of AI in Latin America and the Caribbean"

    Moderator: Manuel Fernandez, El Mercurio Journalist

    • Alejandra Lagunes Senator Mexico
    • Alberto “Tito” Arciniega President for Microsoft Latin America
  • Presentation on Integration Routes

    Moderator: Tony Silveira, Manager of Physical Infrastructure and Digital Transformation of CAF -development bank of Latin America and the Caribbean-

    • Pedro Silva Barros Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA)
    • Vanessa Carvalho dos Santos Assistant Secretary for International Affairs and Development of the Federative Republic of Brazil
  • Break
  • Panel discussion "The role of public companies in sustainable development"

    Moderator: Ángel Cárdenas, Manager of Urban Development, Water and Creative Economies, CAF

    • Ilya Espino de Marotta Panama Canal Deputy Administrator
    • Julio Castiglioni President Metro de Sao Paulo
    • Josefina Montenegro Director of the Chilean National Copper Corporation (CODELCO)
  • Talk "Energy, an engine for the region's development?"

    Moderator: Fernando Cubillos, CAF New Business Manager.

    • Andrés Rebolledo Smitmans Secretary General, OLADE
    • Devon Gardner Head of Technical Programs, CCREEE
  • Talk "Infrastructure for the Future"

    Moderator: Claudia Flores, Portfolio Management Manager, CAF

    • Bosco Marti Executive Director of Communication and Institutional Relations at Aleatica
    • Juan Andrés Fonataine Economist, former Minister of Economy and former Minister of Public Works of Chile
    • Mark Lópes President Partnership for Central America
  • Elections 2024 in the United States and their impact on Latin America and the Caribbean
    • Dan Restrepo Partner, Dinámica Américas


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