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11 de September de 2018Footprint of Cities among the 5 best urban initiatives worldwide

Cities Alliance gave awards to the five best practices worldwide in the area of urban sustainability, which includes the Footprint of Cities project, financed by CAF.

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The Footprint of Cities project, designed by CAF-development bank of Latin America- in partnership with the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), the Agence Française de Développement and the Futuro Latinoamericano Foundation, received an award from Cities Alliance as one of the five urban initiatives that promote sustainable development most effectively worldwide.    

Fourteen Latin American cities are participating in the initiative, which supports local governments in identifying actions, designing and implementing development plans based on mitigation and adaptation to climate change. The initiative includes a South-South learning component, in which cities share their best practices and create technical and policy guidelines for other cities to implement similar initiatives.

With this award, Cities Alliance recognizes initiatives that nurture global discussions and efforts on how local stakeholders are advancing the implementation of global agendas. The other award-winning projects are Monitoreo CDMX (Mexico City, Mexico), #weResilient (Potenza, Italy), Measuring Progress Towards Sustainable Development Goals in Urban Contexts (Cómo Vamos network, Colombia) and Marunda Urban Resilience in Action (Cordaid, Indonesia).

According to Cities Alliance, five initiatives make significant local contributions to an integrated approach to monitor and report on the progress of global sustainability agendas (Agenda 2030, Paris Agreement, Sendai Framework and New Urban Agenda). Although agendas are traditionally monitored by different national governments, projects are the initial steps to align local agendas and the importance of data collected locally to serve as input for regional, national and global bottom-up review (BUR) processes.

For more information about the Footprint of Cities project, visit this website.

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