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  • noticia - Latin America needs high quality exports to compete on a global scale
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We seek to strengthen research, development and innovation (R + D + i) capacities of exporting companies and research centers to boost productivity and regional competitiveness.

The “Productivity Pact” is the key to boosting sustainable growth in Latin Americaimg - The “Productivity Pact” is the key to boosting sustainable growth in Latin America07 de November de 2018

On the first day of the CAF Conference: Productivity and Innovation for Development, the debate among 500 global leaders focused on the future of employment and skill development, and the role of cities in boosting growth.

CAF and COFIDE advance the definition of a work plan to boost development in Peru

30 de January de 2019

A joint workshop organized by CAF- Development Bank of Latin America and Corporación Financiera de Desarrollo (COFIDE), and featuring personnel of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, took place in Lima, to tackle issues such as productivity, c...

Dialogue between government, academia, entrepreneurs and trade unions about Uruguay’s productivity challenges

10 de December de 2018

The meeting took place under the context of the presentation of the 2018 Economy and Development Report by CAF-development bank of Latin America.


CAF recommends boosting productivity for better development

20 de November de 2018

The Economy and Development Report (EDR 2018) presented in Peru proposes to implement an agenda of institutional reforms focused on productivity

Financing + Innovation = Productivity in Latin America

25 de October de 2018

Underdeveloped financial systems tend to delay decisions on growth and reduce the innovation rate, resulting in smaller, less internationalized, and ultimately less productive companies. During the CAF Conference: Productivity and Innovation fo...

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