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We seek to strengthen research, development and innovation (R + D + i) capacities of exporting companies and research centers to boost productivity and regional competitiveness.

Infrastructure, education, and innovation, CAF priorities to support the development of Paraguay img - Infrastructure, education, and innovation, CAF priorities to support the development of Paraguay 31 de May de 2017

Luis Carranza, Executive President of CAF, met with Horacio Cartes, President of the Republic of Paraguay, and reiterated the Institution' commitment with the development of the country

Infrastructure, innovation, and water, among CAF's priorities in Uruguay

11 de May de 2017

CAF's Executive President, Luis Carranza, went on his first visit to Uruguay, where he met with Mario Bergara, President of the Central Bank, and Pablo Ferreri, Undersecretary for the Economy and Finances. 

CAF's Executive President, Enrique García, on official visit to Cuba to strengthen cooperation

10 de February de 2017

The Executive President of CAF met several Cuban Government authorities and gave a brilliant lecture on Latin America at the University of Havana. During his visit, he announced the commencement of a technical support agreement with said u...

Five Latin Americans from four countries are the winners of the 2016 Innovators of America Award

16 de September de 2016

Company and industry, science and technology, education, sustainability and ecology, and social development are the categories intended to promote a new development model for the region 

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