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environment and climate change

  • noticia - Searching for cities that are better prepared for natural disasters
  • noticia - Efficient technologies to refresh Latin America
  • noticia - Fine cocoa, Latin America's jewel
  • Searching for cities that are better prep...

    Latin America needs a new comprehensive approach that contributes to reducing the incalculable loss of human life and property damage caused by earthquakes, floods or hurricanes.

  • Efficient technologies to refresh Latin A...

    New technologies will use deep ocean waters to generate air conditioning in some cities of the region, with a positive impact on the environment 

  • Fine cocoa, Latin America's jewel

    Nine countries of Latin America make up the Latin American Cocoa Foundation, to strengthen the cocoa sector's competitiveness in the region, which is currently responsible for 80 percent of the prime...

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our contribution

We promote environmental management aligned with the required productive transformation to move towards low carbon economies. We incorporate environmental criteria in operations and finance resources and catalyze investments in Latin America through an integrated approach to sustainability that incorporates economic, social and environmental component.

At the UN, CAF promotes the fight against climate change with innovative financial instrumentsimg - At the UN, CAF promotes the fight against climate change with innovative financial instruments23 de September de 2016

CAF's Executive President, Enrique Garcia, spoke during the 71st United Nations General Assembly regarding the financial obstacles faced by cities in Latin America with respect to fighting climate change. During the meeting held...

Empowered municipal administration to better manage urban green spaces

12 de July de 2017

CAF and FAO organized a forum to discuss the most effective measures to empower municipal administration and achieve a better quality of life through an improved management of green spaces

CAF supports Panama’s goal of reforesting a million hectares

26 de June de 2017

Directors and collaborators of the multilateral body joined the III Great National Day for the Reforestation of Panama, as part of the public-private strategy named: Alliance for a million hectares, which also seeks to recover the water re...

More efficient public transportation and energy in Latin America with credit lines of up to EUR 202 million from KfW to CAF

25 de May de 2017

This initiative led by the Government of Germany (BMZ) through KfW and CAF, Development Bank of Latin America, will reduce financing costs for the promotion of projects that are low in emissions of greenhouse gasses, and...

Promoting Climate Action on the Ground in Latin America

31 de March de 2017

Today sees the opening of a Regional Collaboration Centre in Panama City, to be operated by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) secretariat in partnership with CAF - Development Bank of Latin America. The cen...

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img - Efficient irrigation strengthens ecologic agriculture
Efficient irrigation strengthens ecologic agriculture
An efficient use of water in agriculture is the most important factor to improve sustainability in areas where the resource is scarce. Technology is a crucial factor in the management of seeds ...
img - Is journalism describing the Apocalypse?
Is journalism describing the Apocalypse?
The coverage of environmental issues requires a change in perspective so that news may regain relevance, address a comprehensive approach, and do not corner the citizens  
Biotrade – environmentally sustainable productivity
Biotrade implies the implementation of business initiatives that are sustainable, environmentally responsible, and with equitable benefits. CAF contributes to the conservation and sustainable u...
Climate change: a series of inevitable effects on Latin America?
Latin America is vulnerable in the face of changes in global temperatures. An increase of 4°C would imply changes in the hydrological cycle, pressures on agriculture, and a greater propensity ...
img - V Regional LEDS LAC Workshop
V Regional LEDS LAC Workshop
The V edition of the LEDS LAC Regional Workshop "Advancing toward a resilient low emission development: implementing the Paris Agreement in Latin America and the Caribbean" will focus on the i...
img - 2016 Sustainable Investment Forum
2016 Sustainable Investment Forum
During the New York Climate Week, this Forum will bring together 300 participants from the national and regional governments, international finances, the private sector of the industry, and ca...
img - Presentation of the Project Footprint of Cities in Cali
Presentation of the Project Footprint of Cities in Cali
The Colombian city of Cali joined the regional initiative for the mitigation and adaptation to climate change "Footprint of Cities Project" 
img - Results of the study on Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change
Results of the study on Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change
The objective of the study "Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in Metropolitan Arequipa" is to identify measures for adaptation to climate change in the metropolitan area of Arequi...
img - Latinoamérica Verde 2016 Award
Latinoamérica Verde 2016 Award
The third edition of the awards, which highlights the results and benefits of climate activities toward the community, will be held in Ecuador  
Ciudades y cambio climático
Uno de los principales retos que actualmente enfrentan las ciudades es el relacionado con el cambio climático, tanto desde el ámbito de mitigación como de adaptación.
La responsabilidad ambiental y social de los eventos deportivos
Los eventos deportivos son un punto de socialización donde las personas comparten buenos momentos en un ambiente que fomenta valores los valores entre las comunidades.
La infraestructura verde es vital para promover el desarrollo sostenible
Las mejores soluciones para proteger la biodiversidad tienen que ver con la creación y mejora de las infraestructuras verdes.
Los bionegocios como motor del desarrollo inclusivo de América Latina
Los negocios basados en el uso sostenible de la biodiversidad son una de las principales alternativas para reducir la pobreza, especialmente en zonas rurales.
Con el cambio climático, piensa globalmente y actúa localmente
Es imprescindible incorporar a gobiernos locales en la planificación de estrategias que disminuyan la emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero.