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our contribution

We promote initiatives aimed at addressing the challenge of reducing poverty and inequality by channeling resources to activities in key areas, applied with a multi-dimensional approach which includes music, sports, telemedicine and socio-productive inclusion projects to strengthen the creation of social and human capital.

CAF posits four challenges for Latin America at its 22<sup>nd</sup> Annual Conferenceimg - CAF posits four challenges for Latin America at its 22<sup>nd</sup> Annual Conference05 de September de 2018

Fiscal consolidation, productivity, strengthening democracy and human rights set the tone for the 22nd Annual CAF Conference, which also discussed the challenges to freedom of the press in the 21st century and the new trad...

Massive Online Open Course explores alternatives to reduce inequality

23 de August de 2018

Colegio de México (Colmex) and its Digital Education Program (PRED) developed a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) supported by CAF. The goal was to analyze the causes and the effects of inequality. The initiative sought...

CAF and ASBANC promote use of mobile wallet in small businesses in Peru

17 de August de 2018

The project led by both institutions enabled the use of mobile wallets (BIM) as digital payment methods in small grocery stores in Lima and Piura, besides enhancing the efficiency and security of transactions.

Cities to be Leading Voices at G20 Summit in Buenos Aires

13 de December de 2017

C40 Cities launches Urban20 (U20) to raise the profile of urban issues and enhance the role of cities in the G20 agenda. Mayors of Buenos Aires & Paris announce inaugural U20 Mayors Summit to be held in October 2018

More than 4,000 families between La Paz and Oruro benefited from the project "Inclusive Double-Lane Highway"

07 de July de 2017

José Carrera, CAF Corporate Vice-President of Social Development, arrived in La Paz to present the second publication in the Pasos (Steps) series, "Inclusive Double-Lane Highway," which includes the main results of the project that is part...

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Luthier by soul and profession
A school in Caricuao, Caracas, teaches young people with different motor skills handicaps to build string instruments 
Five best practices to make your city inclusive and sustainable
The five best practices are: a public transportation that enables social cohesion, public spaces, housing and the corresponding services (such as water and sanitation), education, and finally,...
Gender equity: challenges for women
Achieving gender equity is one of the greatest challenges in today's society, which seeks the inclusion of women in decision-making processes. 
Music to Grow - Kodaly Method
The Kodaly Method, which originated in Hungary, is an innovating musical methodology, created by Zoltan Kodaly more than 100 years ago. Today, this method is taught in multiple countries in Eur...
Inclusive, productive and resilient cities: the challenge to win the fight against inequality in Latin America
During the first day of the CAF Cities with a Future conference, international experts, ministers and mayors from around Latin American called for cities to become the main engines of economic grow...
img - CAF Conference: Productivity and Innovation for Development
CAF Conference: Productivity and Innovation for Development
Latin American and worldwide experts will discuss the challenges and actions necessary to advance in the construction of a comprehensive agenda that will allow the Region to consolidate itself as a...
img - Seminar: Equitable, competitive, and sustainable development
Seminar: Equitable, competitive, and sustainable development
Leaders of the agricultural and livestock sector of Colombia will analyze the social and economic conditions of the rural population, technology, productivity and efficiency of the agricultura...
img - "Múltiples miradas, un territorio" (Multiple looks, One Territory
"Múltiples miradas, un territorio" (Multiple looks, One Territory
CAF shows the scope of its social initiatives through an exhibition that uses photography as an instrument of social inclusion, and exhibits the beneficiaries as creators and protagonists