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We promote public and private initiatives for the regulation, design, implementation, and evaluation of financial inclusion policies and instruments in the countries of the region, both for the demand as well as supply of services, infrastructure, and networks of the financial system.

CAF makes USD 1.4 billion available to Argentina in 2018 and 2019img - CAF makes USD 1.4 billion available to Argentina in 2018 and 201907 de June de 2018

The announcement made by CAF’s executive president, Luis Carranza, after talks with Finance Minister Luis Caputo, includes infrastructure projects to support the government's economic policy.

Latin America better prepared to deal with global risks

20 de June de 2018

Financial and commercial changes are the main challenges currently faced by the Spanish and Latin American economies.

The role of multilateral economic development in Uruguay

29 de May de 2018

CAF participated in an activity organized by the Uruguayan-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in which national and international specialists analyzed development proposals.

CAF issues bonds totaling USD 1.250 million

11 de July de 2017

High demand from investors allowed CAF to increase the amount originally proposed. Central banks and public institutions were responsible for more than half of the orders 

Standard & Poor’s improves CAF’s rating

07 de July de 2017

S&P Global Ratings changed the outlook for the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) to 'stable' due to improvements in the capital and liquidity indicators, as well as its corporate governance and administration

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img - How will 2016 affect your pocket?
How will 2016 affect your pocket?
International experts will debate about how 2016 will affect the pockets of Latin Americans, the middle class, families, and SMEs in the region