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  • noticia - 22nd Annual CAF Conference
  • noticia - Latin America: in search of more competitive SME's
  • 22nd Annual CAF Conference

    The 22nd edition of the CAF Annual Conference will bring together over a thousand leaders from different sectors of the Americas to discuss the main challenges facing the region on the global stage, in W...

  • Latin America: in search of more competit...

    SME's represent more than 90 percent of companies in Latin America, and they generate more than half of the employment, and one fourth of GDP 

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our contribution

We promote public and private initiatives for the regulation, design, implementation, and evaluation of financial inclusion policies and instruments in the countries of the region, both for the demand as well as supply of services, infrastructure, and networks of the financial system.

CAF strengthens its presence in Chile to promote integration and sustainable urban developmentimg - CAF strengthens its presence in Chile to promote integration and sustainable urban development13 de September de 2018

The Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications agreed to work with CAF on the implementation of the “Regional Infrastructure Pre-investment Program” in Chile. The institution will also hold a national worksho...

ICO grants USD130 million loan to CAF to promote infrastructure projects in Latin America

17 de September de 2018

This is the second agreement signed by ICO and CAF in the framework of the ICO Canal Internacional credit line. The first was signed in 2016 for USD 300 million.

USD 50-million line of credit for Santander Brazil to increase financing for SMEs led by women

03 de August de 2018

The goal is to reduce the gender gap in access to products in the country’s financial system and contribute to the productive transformation across the nation

CAF approves USD 400 million for the transport, energy and productive financing sectors of Argentina

17 de July de 2018

CAF approved a three-installment loan for a total of USD 400 million to fund the Belgrano Sur Railway Renovation Project - Phase II, the Regional Power Transmission Program in the Province of Buenos Aires, and the Capital Market Development Pro...

New fund to improve competitiveness of Latin American SMEs

17 de July de 2018

CAF and COFIDES will create a fund to support Latin American SMEs, in order to generate financial returns and boost the economic, environmental and social development of the region.

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Challenges of SMEs in Latin America
SMEs account for over 90% of all enterprises in Latin America, generating more than half of the total jobs and a quarter of GDP. Their growth opportunities multiply annually, but they also have...
Financing infrastructure in Latin America: exclusive work of the public sector?
Seventy percent of the financing for public works in Latin America comes from State resources, but governments have not been able to satisfy the current demand for investment. How can infrastr...
img - How will 2016 affect your pocket?
How will 2016 affect your pocket?
International experts will debate about how 2016 will affect the pockets of Latin Americans, the middle class, families, and SMEs in the region