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We support the strengthening of development banks in the region, through the design of new programs and financial and non-financial products, the identification of business opportunities, the documentation of relevant programs and products, and by promoting the exchange of successful experiences.

CAF makes USD 1.4 billion available to Argentina in 2018 and 2019img - CAF makes USD 1.4 billion available to Argentina in 2018 and 201907 de June de 2018

The announcement made by CAF’s executive president, Luis Carranza, after talks with Finance Minister Luis Caputo, includes infrastructure projects to support the government's economic policy.

Latin America better prepared to deal with global risks

20 de June de 2018

Financial and commercial changes are the main challenges currently faced by the Spanish and Latin American economies.

The role of multilateral economic development in Uruguay

29 de May de 2018

CAF participated in an activity organized by the Uruguayan-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in which national and international specialists analyzed development proposals.

Standard & Poor’s improves CAF’s rating

07 de July de 2017

S&P Global Ratings changed the outlook for the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) to 'stable' due to improvements in the capital and liquidity indicators, as well as its corporate governance and administration

More efficient public transportation and energy in Latin America with credit lines of up to EUR 202 million from KfW to CAF

25 de May de 2017

This initiative led by the Government of Germany (BMZ) through KfW and CAF, Development Bank of Latin America, will reduce financing costs for the promotion of projects that are low in emissions of greenhouse gasses, and...

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