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We promote regulatory frameworks and incentives for investment and the development of the risk and financing capital industry as support for the success of entrepreneurships with high productive potential which are at the early stages of development or at a stage of greater maturity, but which have prospects for greater expansion.

CAF completed two transactions on the bond market for USD 925 million

26 de October de 2018

Investor confidence in CAF–development bank of Latin America–was confirmed with the largest private placement in the history of the institution, with amounts exceeding the average for this type of operation in the market.

Successful issuance of CAF bonds for AUD 100 million in Australian market

22 de October de 2018

Investor interest exceeded the initial offering, with a demand of AUD 170 million. CAF achieved the lowest coupon and spread in this transaction among the 6 existing bonds in this market, to attract funds at competitive rates to finance sustain...

CAF approves USD 400 million for the transport, energy and productive financing sectors of Argentina

17 de July de 2018

CAF approved a three-installment loan for a total of USD 400 million to fund the Belgrano Sur Railway Renovation Project - Phase II, the Regional Power Transmission Program in the Province of Buenos Aires, and the Capital Market Development Pro...

CAF issues bonds totaling USD 1.250 million

11 de July de 2017

High demand from investors allowed CAF to increase the amount originally proposed. Central banks and public institutions were responsible for more than half of the orders 

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