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  • noticia - Fine cocoa, Latin America's jewel
  • noticia - Hotels of Uyuni improve their competitiveness
  • noticia - Latin America: good water management to resume growth
  • Fine cocoa, Latin America's jewel

    Nine countries of Latin America make up the Latin American Cocoa Foundation, to strengthen the cocoa sector's competitiveness in the region, which is currently responsible for 80 percent of the prime...

  • Hotels of Uyuni improve their competitive...

    Eleven hotels that operate in the Salar de Uyuni (salt flats) one of the most important tourism attractions in Bolivia, acquired a new work culture that allows them to be more competitive, increase ...

  • Latin America: good water management to r...

    A good management of water would help reduce poverty and promote economic growth, which is essential in the current deceleration environment affecting the region 

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We offer a portfolio of financial and non-financial products to members about their strategies in the short, medium and long term diversification and access to financing. We emphasize our work in agribusiness and projects that incorporate energy efficiency and green business.

CAF approved USD 1.865 billion to promote the development of infrastructures and social improvements in latin Americaimg - CAF approved USD 1.865 billion to promote the development of infrastructures and social improvements in latin America22 de July de 2016

The Board of the multilateral organization approved nine loans to implement development projects in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, and Uruguay

CAF approves loans to Argentina totaling USD 220 million

04 de July de 2017

The first loan of USD 120 million will be used to prevent and mitigate the effects of flooding in the area of influence of the River Lujan in Buenos Aires province, while the second, amounting to USD 100 million, will contribute to institu...

CAF grants USD 142 million to boost connectivity and trade in Bolivia

04 de July de 2017

These funds are destined to build and pave 80.9 km of the Santa Cruz district highway network to optimize the heavy traffic between the east and south of Bolivia and foster internal trade and exports.

Ecuadorean companies will measure their carbon footprint to be more competitive abroad

19 de August de 2016

International markets analyze their suppliers according to their contaminating load. There will be a new call for companies from the flower, plastic, wood, and seed sectors to measure the carbon footprint in their productio...

Challenges for the production of soybean according to the study on the 2016-2016 harvest presented by the Oleaginous Observatory of Uruguay

15 de August de 2016

For the second consecutive year, CAF, Development Bank of Latin America, supported the activities of the Oleaginous Observatory of Uruguay, an initiative promoted by the Technological Oleaginous Table 

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img - Efficient irrigation strengthens ecologic agriculture
Efficient irrigation strengthens ecologic agriculture
An efficient use of water in agriculture is the most important factor to improve sustainability in areas where the resource is scarce. Technology is a crucial factor in the management of seeds ...
El Niño: how to mitigate its effects on the agro-industrial sector
Extensive droughts and flooding are some of the consequences of El Niño. What can the agro-industrial sector of Latin America do to mitigate the impact of this phenomenon of the harvests? 
América Latina: muchas mipymes, pero poco competitivas
A pesar de su trascendencia en el tejido comercial y productivo latinoamericano, la situación actual de las micro, pequeñas y medianas empresas es bastante mejorable. 
De milagros agrícolas y financieros: el caso Cajamar y lecciones para América Latina
Experiencias exitosas como la de Cajamar pueden contribuir a modernizar la oferta financiera, tecnológica y organizativa del sector agrícola de la región.
Perú: cómo gestionar la reconstrucción post Niño
La buena gestión de cuencas hidrográficas y de la agricultura son vitales para que el país se recupere de los efectos del Niño y se prepare para los eventos extremos que vendrán
Mejores prácticas globales para impulsar el desarrollo agrícola latinoamericano
De la mano de FADQDI, en el Quebec, Canadá, pretendemos traer a América Latina las mejores prácticas globales en desarrollo agrícola.
Infraestructura, la piedra angular del desarrollo
La infraestructura de calidad es vital para el crecimiento y el desarrollo integral de América Latina