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  • noticia - PROMADEC: More water, more life
  • noticia - CAF Conference Infrastructure for the integration of Latin America
  • noticia - Infrastructure for the development of Latin America Conference
  • PROMADEC: More water, more life

    Indigenous community members in the province of Azuay, in the south of Ecuador, still recall how difficult it was to access clean water.

  • CAF Conference Infrastructure for the int...

    Ministers of Economy, Finance and Planning, representatives of the private sector and experts from Latin America and Spain will analyze the opportunities for Latin American integration through the ...

  • Infrastructure for the development of Lat...

    Authorities of local and national governments, academy members, media, international organizations and the private sector representatives, will meet in Buenos Aires on April 25 and 26, 2018 to addr...

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our contribution

We promote coverage of potable water and sanitation, management and watershed protection, agricultural development and irrigation, drainage and flood control, through studies, financing and investment programs in order to improve the quality of life population according to the particular needs of each country.

CAF funds modernization of water supply and sewerage systems in northern Argentina21 de August de 2018

As part of the government’s water infrastructure program, titled Plan Belgrano, CAF is funding the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant and the expansion of the sewerage system in the city of Formosa, which will increase the system’...

Arequipa highland communities adapt to climate change

15 de October de 2018

The population of five provinces in the Arequipa region will benefit from the implementation of the Ayninakuy project, to bolster breeding of alpacas, in addition to improving their living conditions. The Regional Government of Arequipa and CAF...

New issue of CAF “Green Bonds” to foster sustainable development in Latin America

16 de August de 2018

The second US$30-million lot of green bonds for international investors for was issued as part of an issuance program to promote the financing of projects with high social and environmental impact in the region. 

CAF’s free online course on modification, renegotiation and rebalancing of PPP contracts

09 de August de 2018

Over 8,000 participants in previous courses on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contract management reveal the importance of this issue in the region. Therefore, CAF-development bank of Latin America- launched a new MOOC where the first 30 stud...

US$76 million to improve water supply and sewerage in Colombia

17 de July de 2018

New CAF loan will help improve the living conditions and the social and environmental situation of about 400,000 inhabitants in rural and urban areas of the Buenaventura district.

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II Water Dialogues: Challenges for water security
The II Water Dialogues promoted a debate on water security in Latin America and Spain, emphasizing the challenges that must be faced from a perspective of cooperation between the regions 
img - Latin America: understanding rural reality, key to universal access to potable water
Latin America: understanding rural reality, key to universal access to potable water
According to a new report, the region must understand the situation of rural inhabitants to be able to develop public policies that guarantee universal and safe access to water and sanitation ...
El Niño: What can be done to mitigate its effects on the water and sanitation sector?
Latin America faces a challenge with respect to urban drainage: changing from the sanitation approach toward a technical and comprehensive public policy approach. How are the risks implied by ...
img - Latin America moves towards a comprehensive management of water
Latin America moves towards a comprehensive management of water
Latin America has better water and sanitation conditions than 20 years ago, but it must improve the provision to reach the universalization of these services 
img - How Efficient is the Supply of Water in Latin America?
How Efficient is the Supply of Water in Latin America?
CAF - development bank of Latin America - carried out a study on water safety in 26 cities in the region, and came up with evidence that showed that there was a loss of more than 60% in the supply ...
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