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How can we improve access to and quality of public services?
Guillermo Perry, former Minister of Finance of Colombia, and Laura Trucco, of the NYU Development Center, explain what is needed to have effective and quality services 
Innovation in Latin America
Innovation is a key player in the economic development of the region, because it expands the current economy and enables the development of new business
Public-Private Partnerships: the key for development
These partnerships between private companies and governments enable the development of infrastructure in Latin America. PPPs improve service delivery and maintenance works efficiently
Five best practices to make your city inclusive and sustainable
The five best practices are: a public transportation that enables social cohesion, public spaces, housing and the corresponding services (such as water and sanitation), education, and finally, a l...
Medellin: Urban Innovation and Social Resilience
Medellin is one of the most innovative cities in the world and Latin America. To achieve this, the city focused on two themes: innovation in urban development and social resilience. In the last...
img - CAF Events at Habitat III
CAF Events at Habitat III
As part of the events that will take place during the Habitat III Conference in Quito, CAF Day: Inclusive and productive Cities will be held from the 17th to the 20th of October as a center of dis...
img - "My bathroom, my kitchen, my pride" Award
"My bathroom, my kitchen, my pride" Award
More than 700 families participate in the 2016 edition of the Contest "My bathroom, my kitchen, my pride", an initiative that promotes the entrepreneurial spirit of women in Paraguay as a key fact...
img - CAF-Oxford Conference: The challenges of informality in Latin America
CAF-Oxford Conference: The challenges of informality in Latin America
CAF -Development Bank of Latin America- and Oxford University invite you to the Conference "The Challenges of Informality in Latin America: political, economic, and social dimensions", which will ...

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At the UN, CAF promotes the fight against climate change with innovative financial instruments

noticia - At the UN, CAF promotes the fight against climate change with innovative financial instruments
23 September 2016

CAF's Executive President, Enrique Garcia, spoke during the 71st United Nations General Assembly regarding the financial obstacles faced by cities in Latin America with respect to fighting climate change. During the meeting held in New York from September 19 to 23, he also met with other key actors of the region, and signed a cooperation agreement with UNDP.

More investment for Latin America after bonds issued by CAF for USD 1 billion

noticia - More investment for Latin America after bonds issued by CAF for USD 1 billion
20 September 2016

With this issue, CAF accumulates a historic amount of close to USD 4 billion in placements this year through 21 transactions in eight different currencies.

CAF launches “Pro-inclusion” policies, a practical guide to inclusive urban development

18 October 2016

Through fundamental axes based on concrete and real experiences regarding practices that have the potential to be replicated in other urban centers, CAF - Development Bank of Latin America contributes to the region's competitiveness.

Government of Panama awards Enrique Garcia with the Order of “Manuel Amador Guerrero”

13 October 2016

The Executive President of CAF - Development Bank of Latin America received the honor for his distinguished trajectory at the head of the organization and contribution to the country's sustainable development.

Changing the logic: bringing public space closer to citizens

29 September 2016

CAF, Sciences Po and Externado University join forces to promote a new approach in urban management in an international seminar to take place in Bogota on September 30.

A dilemma for Maria and the more than 100 million Latin Americans who live in informal settlements

26 September 2016

Thousands of people from the countryside or other urban areas in Latin America settle wherever they can, in the center or the periphery of cities, seeking a better future for their children even if they do not have the basic living conditi...

CAF and UNDP deepen their alliance to promote the Global Goals in Latin America and the Caribbean

22 September 2016

The Memorandum of Understanding signed in New York with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) seeks to drive and work in conjunction with initiatives that contribute to the region's achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal...

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Cruce de caminos

Martes Financiero / La Prensa

Ciudad de Panamá / Panamá, 18 October 2016

Bankomunales: Los pobres pueden autofinanciarse

Revista Compromiso Empresarial

Madrid, 14 October 2016

El ciudadano como centro de la agenda urbana

El País

Madrid, 13 October 2016

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El ciudadano como centro de la agenda urbana
Las políticas públicas de desarrollo urbano deben priorizar las iniciativas que sitúen al ciudadano como verdadero protagonista de la acción
Por qué necesitamos un mercado del carbono eficiente
Para lograr una reducción efectiva de las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero, deberemos fortalecer las iniciativas que impulsen el mercado de los créditos de carbono en América Latina.
Latinoamérica necesita más innovación empresarial
La escasez de innovación en Latinoamérica se traduce en que las empresas no crecen tanto como sus pares en regiones más avanzadas, y tampoco producen tanto.
¿Qué hacen una acera, una bicicleta, un autobús y un metro por el desarrollo?
En varias ciudades latinoamericanas la inadecuada oferta de transporte se traduce en servicios de escasa calidad y en elevados costos y tiempos de desplazamiento para los usuarios.
Aprendiendo de las políticas públicas: beneficios y costos
Los gobiernos se enfrentan en todo momento a decisiones sobre cómo utilizar los recursos públicos: ¿cuánto dinero gastar en educación y de qué forma hacerlo? ¿Más profesores o profesores mejor...
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