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Cities – the cornerstone of development in Latin America15 September 2017

Informal employment, housing, and public transport in Latin American cities are restricting growth and curtailing aspirations of achieving a higher level of socioeconomic development, according to the 2017 RED

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Latin America’s position on the new hemispherical and global scenario07 September 2017

During the second day of the CAF Conference, top-level international experts such as Francis Fukuyama and Rick Waddell explored the geopolitical and commercial opportunities available to Latin America, within an international scenario marked by protectionism, technological disruption and the fight against corruption.

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Latin America needs a political pact for productivity06 September 2017

Luis Carranza, Executive President of the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), highlighted the advances in macroeconomic stability and equity in the region in recent years, in addition to pointing out the challenges of consolidating growth and reducing poverty, during the 21st annual CAF Conference held in Washington DC

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Searching for cities that are better prepared for natural disasters14 July 2017

Latin America needs a new comprehensive approach that contributes to reducing the incalculable loss of human life and property damage caused by earthquakes, floods or hurricanes.

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Empowered municipal administration to better manage urban green spaces12 July 2017

CAF and FAO organized a forum to discuss the most effective measures to empower municipal administration and achieve a better quality of life through an improved management of green spaces

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First International Conference of B Lawyers12 July 2017

At the conference organized by Sistema B, in association with the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), attorneys from 13 countries assessed the legal identity of triple-impact corporations worldwide, aiming to promote new legal approaches to encourage the establishment of this type of organization in the region

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CAF issues bonds totaling USD 1.250 million 11 July 2017

High demand from investors allowed CAF to increase the amount originally proposed. Central banks and public institutions were responsible for more than half of the orders 

financial development
CAF issued bonds totaling USD 1.250 million11 July 2017

High demand by investors allowed CAF to increase the original amount. Central banks and public institutions originated more than half of these orders

financial development
Bringing Internet into the classroom is key in improving education systems11 July 2017

Improving and expanding the use of technology and accessing broadband connectivity is essential in improving education systems in Latin America

Lessons learned from the incorporation of renewable sources of energy11 July 2017

Leading international experts discussed the lessons learned from the introduction of renewable forms of energy in Latin American countries, and agreed that the portfolio of hydroelectric projects is essential in complementing the supply of renewable energy in the region.

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img - CAF presented the 2016 Economy and Development Report (RED)
CAF presented the 2016 Economy and Development Report (RED)
This year's report highlights family, school, environment and the world of work as the four life contexts that are fundamental to developing and accumulating the various skills that make up the...
img - Uruguay's challenges regarding skills for work and life
Uruguay's challenges regarding skills for work and life
The time that parents dedicate to their children, quality of education, and the reduction of the drop-out rate, as well as youth employment, are basic pillars in the development of skills of U...
II Water Dialogues: Challenges for water security
The II Water Dialogues promoted a debate on water security in Latin America and Spain, emphasizing the challenges that must be faced from a perspective of cooperation between the regions 
img - Latin America must invest at least 5 percent per year in infrastructure to take the leap toward competitiveness
Latin America must invest at least 5 percent per year in infrastructure to take the leap toward competitiveness
In the region, the average investment in infrastructure as a percentage of GDP was 2.8 percent between 2008 and 2015, according to the figures in www.infralatam.info, A CAF, IDB, and ECLAC ini...
Bankomunales: access to credit for vulnerable populations
Access to financial services for the most vulnerable populations as a mechanism for their social inclusion is a challenge and an imperative to be resolved. 
img - CAF Conference: Cities with a Future
CAF Conference: Cities with a Future
More than 300 participants, including national and local government authorities, scholars and press members, representatives from international organizations and the private sector will meet i...