CAF´s new office in Uruguay, began its construction in March 2016 on the grounds of the former Central Market of the city of Montevideo.


Located in the Old City, the project includes the construction of a 15,678 square meters building  and 7,955 square meters of outdoor spaces. This new office will host CAF´s offices for the Southern Region, which is conformed by Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The new CAF building will be built on the structure of the old Central Market, in front of the Executive Tower and a few meters from the Solís Theater, with which it will be connected by a pedestrian crossing. A film complex will be installed, where Cinemateca will operate, it will have  gastronomic spaces, and the legendary Fun Fun bar will be reinstalled. The cultural spaces and public parking spaces, which are approximately 6,000 square meters, will be available to the Municipality of Montevideo. The estimated investment is USD 40 million.

Timelapse construcción nueva oficina (2° etapa)
Nueva oficina CAF cono sur - Enrique García (CAF) y Daniel Martínez (Montevideo)
Nuevo mural del artista Walter Deliotti (entrevista + making-of)
Timelapse construcción nueva oficina
Construcción de la nueva oficina CAF Montevideo en el antiguo mercado central
Timelapse: construcción del mural para CAF por el artista Walter Deliotti
work (03/18)
Construcción Nueva Sede Montevideo (marzo 2018)
work (05/17)
Construcción Nueva Sede Montevideo (mayo 2017)


work (12/16)
Construcción - Nueva sede CAF Montevideo (diciembre 2016)
work (07/16)
Construcción nueva Sede CAF Montevideo
work (03/16)
Construcción - nueva sede CAF Montevideo
Proyecto - nueva sede CAF Montevideo
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