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The decisive role of women in the economic development of Latin America 06 March 2017

If women massively incorporated to the work force, the region's GDP would increase up to 34 percent  

gender | productive transformation
The “Conversando con CAF” series end of season with a special edition03 March 2017

The initiative, which began in 2015, consisted of a series of 14 interviews with renowned personalities in the areas of politics, economics, development and international relations in order to analyze the most relevant and current issues of Latin America and the world. 

Regulatory Framework and Productivity in Latin America22 February 2017

CAF-Development bank of Latin America- calls to present research proposals that contribute to the study of the effects of regulations and public policies on productivity in Latin America.

CAF's Executive President, Enrique García, on official visit to Cuba to strengthen cooperation10 February 2017

The Executive President of CAF met several Cuban Government authorities and gave a brilliant lecture on Latin America at the University of Havana. During his visit, he announced the commencement of a technical support agreement with said university to foster innovation culture and entrepreneurship so as to drive sustainable development of the country.

financial development | business innovation
Panama comes up with more ideas to apply for technological patents 07 February 2017

CAF and the Secretaría Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación (Senacyt) (National Secretariat for Science, Technology, and Innovation Marathon concluded the Second Technological Patents Marathon with good projections in the Panamanian capital  

panama | technological innovation
Amorim and Camdessus advocate for reforms in global governance to respond to current challenges03 February 2017

Brazil's former Foreign Minister and the former Director of the IMF spoke with Enrique Garcia, Executive President of CAF, regarding the new and changing global reality, and highlighted the importance of global institutions advancing with necessary changes in order to properly address the new global challenges.

brazil | europe
Launching of the second School of Economics – Poder Pacífico 2017 (Pacific Power 2017). The Pacific: an ocean of opportunitie03 February 2017

In 2015, the Pacific reached a level of multidimensional poverty of 33.8 percent. The national indicator reaches 20.2 percent, and ranks the Pacific as the region with the most deprivations in Colombia (Does not include the Valley)

colombia | education | youth
If fact-checking is old, why can it be considered a journalistic innovation 02 February 2017

In the midst of a context where false or imprecise information seems to expand throughout all platforms, journalism has found a way to expand its reach in the verification of facts and data 

journalism and development
Latin America: seeking growth that is low in emissions 28 January 2017

Latin America must take advantage of green financing to achieve growth that is less dependent on fossil fuels, the greatest responsible for carbon emissions 

With CAF's "water bonds", Japanese investors contribute to the development of Latin America 24 January 2017

CAF, Development Bank of Latin America, carried out the third issue of bonds to finance exclusively water related projects. The placement consisted of 220.2 million Brazilian Reales at a three year term, for Japanese retail investors.   

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Bread of Freedom: Social enterprise that transforms lives
The inmates of the Centro de Orientación Femenina de Obrajes (Female Prison Center) in La Paz consolidate a social enterprise with baking products and knits with the brand OUT, which are marke...
II Water Dialogues: Challenges for water security
The II Water Dialogues promoted a debate on water security in Latin America and Spain, emphasizing the challenges that must be faced from a perspective of cooperation between the regions 
img - Uruguay's challenges regarding skills for work and life
Uruguay's challenges regarding skills for work and life
The time that parents dedicate to their children, quality of education, and the reduction of the drop-out rate, as well as youth employment, are basic pillars in the development of skills of U...
Bankomunales: access to credit for vulnerable populations
Access to financial services for the most vulnerable populations as a mechanism for their social inclusion is a challenge and an imperative to be resolved. 
img - CAF presented the 2016 Economy and Development Report (RED)
CAF presented the 2016 Economy and Development Report (RED)
This year's report highlights family, school, environment and the world of work as the four life contexts that are fundamental to developing and accumulating the various skills that make up the...
img - Latin American Analysis Journalism workshop, with Michael Reid
Latin American Analysis Journalism workshop, with Michael Reid
In this five-day workshop, the general subject will be transformation and the political and socio-economic challenges in Latin America. Selected participants must arrive in Bogota with a first...