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CAF issued bonds totaling USD 750 million19 November 2018

Investor demand exceeded USD 900 million, which reiterates the confidence of the market in the securities issued by the institution and in the development of Latin America. The main purchasers included fund managers, central banks and public institutions.

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Investment and knowledge as opportunities for CAF-led strengthening of Ibero-America16 November 2018

The executive president of CAF, Luis Carranza, ratified the intermediary role of the institution in building bridges in strategic areas for the productive transformation of the region, within the framework of the 26th Ibero-American Summit in Antigua (Guatemala).

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CAF brings together 500 Latin American leaders in Bogota to discuss productivity and innovation05 November 2018

Natural resources, creativity, logistics platforms, digital transformation, employment and skill development, innovation, cities and political consensus, are some of the topics to be discussed starting tomorrow at the CAF Conference, which will be held at Hall 74 (Calle 74 # 14-25) in Bogotá, Colombia.

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Colombian President to kick off CAF Conference: Productivity and Innovation for Development30 October 2018

On November 7-8, 500 global leaders will meet in Bogota to discuss the major challenges facing Latin America, with a view to advancing a comprehensive agenda on productivity and innovation to drive growth and development.

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CAF completed two transactions on the bond market for USD 925 million26 October 2018

Investor confidence in CAF–development bank of Latin America–was confirmed with the largest private placement in the history of the institution, with amounts exceeding the average for this type of operation in the market.

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UK Government and CAF Agree Framework for Financing Development Projects in Latin America and the Caribbean25 October 2018

UK Export Finance (UKEF), the UK’s export credit agency, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CAF -Development Bank of Latin America- that includes a framework for finance of up to USD 200 million to support sustainable development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean that include British companies’ services or goods.

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British Government to finance development projects in Latin America through CAF25 October 2018

UK Export Finance (UKEF) approved a cooperation agreement with CAF-development bank of Latin America- which includes a USD200 million credit line to foster sustainable development projects in Latin America with services or goods to be provided by British companies.

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Financing + Innovation = Productivity in Latin America25 October 2018

Underdeveloped financial systems tend to delay decisions on growth and reduce the innovation rate, resulting in smaller, less internationalized, and ultimately less productive companies. During the CAF Conference: Productivity and Innovation for Development, which will be held on November 7 and 8 in Bogota, more than 50 global leaders will discuss this and other topics to promote development in the region.

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Successful issuance of CAF bonds for AUD 100 million in Australian market22 October 2018

Investor interest exceeded the initial offering, with a demand of AUD 170 million. CAF achieved the lowest coupon and spread in this transaction among the 6 existing bonds in this market, to attract funds at competitive rates to finance sustainable development in Latin America.

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Productivity and innovation will be the main themes for CAF Conference in Colombia12 October 2018

More than 50 world leaders will meet in Bogota on November 7-8 to discuss the challenges and actions needed to advance in designing a comprehensive agenda for productivity in Latin America that will lead to higher levels of growth and development.

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