ImpactoCAF is an initiative that seeks to disseminate CAF’s contribution to development of Latin America and the Caribbean. We will be covering various action areas outlined in our 2026 strategy. Today, would like to share our contributions in the following areas:


Measuring CAF’s impact is technically complex due to the difficulty of attributing to CAF-funded projects the results observed in beneficiaries. Therefore, ImpactoCAF characterizes CAF’s action and uses available scientific evidence on the impact of projects similar to those we finance to determine CAF’s impact in the region. 



With our renewed vision of becoming the bank of economic recovery and the green bank of Latin America and the Caribbean, we have prioritized six mission agendas in our strategic plan until 2026. The areas of action are aligned with four of these agendas. We will gradually cover other topics.

Mission Agendas

A1.Fair energy transition
A2.Biodiversity and ecosystem services
A4.Inclusive social welfare
A5.Physical and digital infrastructure
A6.Productivity and internationalization