Latin America and the Caribbean at COP28

Latin American and Caribbean Pavilion at COP28 "We are a solution"

Latin America and the Caribbean is a diverse region that has faced the most challenging effects of climate change in recent years. Achieving green, fair, and inclusive economic development requires joint work on climate action and the protection of biodiversity to position our countries as drivers of solutions to global problems.

For all these reasons, CAF promotes a unique space with the Pavilion for Latin America and the Caribbean, with which it seeks to facilitate the exchange of experiences, join forces, explore opportunities for collaboration, and increase the visibility of the solutions offered by the countries as a whole.

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Why Latam and the Caribbean is a solution region?

Biodiversity and forests

Latin America has 40% of the biodiversity and more than 25% of the world's forests

Food safety

The region provides 14% of global food production.

Energy transition

Latin America and the Caribbean plays a crucial role in the energy transition.




percentage of world forests

found in the region


is the percentage of GHG gas emissions

for which Latam and the Caribbean are responsible


of species worldwide are in extinction

due to habitat loss and biological invasions


natural capital per inhabitant contracted

in the region only between 1990 and 2014

LAC News at the COP


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