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  • noticia - 10 successful interventions in Latin American cities  that could be replicated
  • noticia - Why don't men and women mobilize equally in Latin American cities?
  • noticia - How to close the infrastructure gap in Latin America
  • 10 successful interventions in Latin Amer...

    Through the exchange of experiences among mayors and the accompaniment of CAF - Development Bank of Latin America- through the "Cities with a Future" program, several urban interventions have been c...

  • Why don't men and women mobilize equally ...

    Number of trips, accessibility, safety, and labor participation are some of the variables that explain why a greater gender approach is required for mobility in the cities. This is o...

  • How to close the infrastructure gap in La...

    The countries of the region should increase investments in infrastructure up to 3 percentage points with respect to GDP to close the gap that separates them from the advanced economies 

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We promote the development of clusters, chains and companies that add value within a locality, through institutional strengthening and building consensus to improve the international position of SMEs and sustainable business partnership schemes.

How cities transform lives: the story of Tita in Fortaleza03 de November de 2016

Tita Tavares is a surfer and four times world surfing champion. She has gone around the world representing Brazil and her neighborhood, Titanzinho, a 'favela' (slum) transformed into a safe neighborhood with basic services. Currently Tita ...

Better schools, better educated cities

11 de October de 2016

Guaranteeing access to education through an improvement of the educational infrastructure is decisive for the present and future of cities. This is not a minor subject, as 50 percent of schools that provide education to children in the low...

Changing the logic: bringing public space closer to citizens

29 de September de 2016

CAF, Sciences Po and Externado University join forces to promote a new approach in urban management in an international seminar to take place in Bogota on September 30.

A dilemma for Maria and the more than 100 million Latin Americans who live in informal settlements

26 de September de 2016

Thousands of people from the countryside or other urban areas in Latin America settle wherever they can, in the center or the periphery of cities, seeking a better future for their children even if they do not have the basic living conditi...

Work in the new CAF building in Montevideo advances "according to plans"

21 de July de 2016

The building will be located where the old Central Market used to be, and will contribute to revitalize a strategic area of the Uruguayan capital

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Public-Private Partnerships: the key for development
These partnerships between private companies and governments enable the development of infrastructure in Latin America. PPPs improve service delivery and maintenance works efficiently
¿Cómo hacer más seguras nuestras ciudades? Medellín cuenta su experiencia
The program Hot Spots in Medellin is a citizen safety public policy that increases police presence in specific places in the city with greater criminality 
How can we improve access to and quality of public services?
Guillermo Perry, former Minister of Finance of Colombia, and Laura Trucco, of the NYU Development Center, explain what is needed to have effective and quality services 
Five best practices to make your city inclusive and sustainable
The five best practices are: a public transportation that enables social cohesion, public spaces, housing and the corresponding services (such as water and sanitation), education, and finally,...
Medellin: Urban Innovation and Social Resilience
Medellin is one of the most innovative cities in the world and Latin America. To achieve this, the city focused on two themes: innovation in urban development and social resilience. In the last...
img - Results of the study on Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change
Results of the study on Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change
The objective of the study "Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in Metropolitan Arequipa" is to identify measures for adaptation to climate change in the metropolitan area of Arequi...
img - Mobility at break point : Opportunities to overcome old paradigms
Mobility at break point : Opportunities to overcome old paradigms
The Chamber of Commerce of Bogota, CAF, Development Bank of Latin America, and the Secretaría Distrital de Movilidad of Bogotá (District Mobility Secretariat), with the support of Despacio, St...
img - Prevesilab 2016
Prevesilab 2016
Asuncion will be the meeting place for the II Ibero-American Congress for the Prevention of Workplace Risks and Workplace Road Safety (PRESEVILAB, for its acronym in Spanish), which will be hel...
img - Limápolis 2016
Limápolis 2016
Limápolis is an international workshop that constitutes a space for theoretical-practical reflection on key subjects for the development of the Peruvian capital, addressed form an urban and ar...
img - International Seminar on Inclusive Cities
International Seminar on Inclusive Cities
In the framework of the new urban agenda for Habitat III, renowned ministers, mayors, leaders, experts, and academics from around the world will debate the challenges and action plans to devel...