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  • noticia - 10 successful interventions in Latin American cities  that could be replicated
  • noticia - São Paulo’s road network will be improved and expanded
  • 10 successful interventions in Latin Amer...

    Through the exchange of experiences among mayors and the accompaniment of CAF - Development Bank of Latin America- through the "Cities with a Future" program, several urban interventions have been c...


    São Paulo’s road network will be improved...

    Through the improvement and intervention of 316 Km distributed in several tranches in different locations in the state, transportation costs will be reduced and traffic access and security will incr...

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We support initiatives in infrastructure, productive transformation, urban mobility, energy efficiency, telecommunications, tourism, environment, SMEs, microfinance, knowledge, institutional strengthening, through the development and financing of projects in the public-and private-sector operations credit and grant resources.

How cities transform lives: the story of Tita in Fortaleza03 de November de 2016

Tita Tavares is a surfer and four times world surfing champion. She has gone around the world representing Brazil and her neighborhood, Titanzinho, a 'favela' (slum) transformed into a safe neighborhood with basic services. Currently Tita ...

Amorim and Camdessus advocate for reforms in global governance to respond to current challenges

03 de February de 2017

Brazil's former Foreign Minister and the former Director of the IMF spoke with Enrique Garcia, Executive President of CAF, regarding the new and changing global reality, and highlighted the importance of global institutions advancing with ...

Who are the leaders currently needed by the media?

22 de November de 2016

The essential characteristics of editorial leaders do not change. What is required is to strengthen their capacities to adapt

Promote opportunities for training in the public sector, key to strengthen institutions in Brazil

23 de August de 2016

The results obtained at the close of the first edition of the Program show the commitment and willingness of participants to guarantee the sustainability of this training initiative 

Fans of the Olympic and Patalympic Games may help protect children

03 de August de 2016

Sports lovers worldwide are challenged to remain active in favor of children 

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Bread of Freedom: Social enterprise that transforms lives
The inmates of the Centro de Orientación Femenina de Obrajes (Female Prison Center) in La Paz consolidate a social enterprise with baking products and knits with the brand OUT, which are marke...
img - Uruguay's challenges regarding skills for work and life
Uruguay's challenges regarding skills for work and life
The time that parents dedicate to their children, quality of education, and the reduction of the drop-out rate, as well as youth employment, are basic pillars in the development of skills of U...
Bankomunales: access to credit for vulnerable populations
Access to financial services for the most vulnerable populations as a mechanism for their social inclusion is a challenge and an imperative to be resolved. 
II Water Dialogues: Challenges for water security
The II Water Dialogues promoted a debate on water security in Latin America and Spain, emphasizing the challenges that must be faced from a perspective of cooperation between the regions 
img - CAF presented the 2016 Economy and Development Report (RED)
CAF presented the 2016 Economy and Development Report (RED)
This year's report highlights family, school, environment and the world of work as the four life contexts that are fundamental to developing and accumulating the various skills that make up the...
img - The Future Social Policy in Latin America
The Future Social Policy in Latin America
Seminar organized by CAF -development bank of Latin America, Latin American Centre of  University of Oexford and IPEA - Applied Economic Policy of Brazil
img - International Week of Risk Management
International Week of Risk Management
This four-day practical and interactive program has been developed exclusively to enable central banks and other official institutions delegates to exchange their knowledge on Risk Management ...
img - First Annual CAF-LSE Conference
First Annual CAF-LSE Conference
The Rise of the Global South: Towards an Agenda for a New Century  Perhaps the most important development of the contemporary century is the emergence of the global South onto the stage o...