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We promote the strengthening of technical and technological higher education through the enhancement of its offer, quality and relevance to fulfill the new demands of the productive sector in accordance to the technological changes that globalization entails. 

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Multilateral agencies seek to improve education in Panama

Multilateral organizations are calling for improvements in education in Panama

January 30, 2024

Learn how the IDB, World Bank, CAF and OEI support Panama to improve the quality of education.

CAF and Hay Festival will promote cultural and creative economies

CAF and Hay Festival will promote cultural and creative economies in the region

January 26, 2024

Learn about the alliance between CAF and the Hay Festival to promote cultural and creative economies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

CAF inaugurates modern school in Timbiquí, Colombia

CAF inaugurates a modern ethno-educational institution in the Colombian Pacific

January 26, 2024

Discover the new modular classrooms that will benefit 132 students and meet the needs of remote and hard-to-reach areas in Colombia.

CAF promotes EU-Latin America dialogue with multiple events in Spain

CAF will promote the EU-Latin America and Caribbean dialogue with multiple activities in Spain.

September 07, 2023

Find out about the activities that CAF will carry out in Spain to promote dialogue between the European Union, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

CAF fosters Panama-Peru dialogue on rural educational infrastructure

CAF boosts Panama-Peru collaboration to advance innovative solutions for rural educational infrastructure

August 25, 2023

MEDUCA and MINEDU representatives exchanged experiences and know-how in the area of unconventional educational infrastructure.