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our contribution

We promote the strengthening of technical and technological higher education through the enhancement of its offer, quality and relevance to fulfill the new demands of the productive sector in accordance to the technological changes that globalization entails. 

Colombian President to kick off CAF Conference: Productivity and Innovation for Developmentimg - Colombian President to kick off CAF Conference: Productivity and Innovation for Development30 de October de 2018

On November 7-8, 500 global leaders will meet in Bogota to discuss the major challenges facing Latin America, with a view to advancing a comprehensive agenda on productivity and innovation to drive growth and development.

CAF and UNSA strengthen economic education to boost productivity in Peru

23 de November de 2018

Through the use of digital platforms, teachers and students will be able to reinforce the conceptual aspects of economic theory, as well as its application in research and analysis of specific cases on a national level.

Better Paved than Sorry: New CAF free online course on sustainable road construction

31 de October de 2018

Learning the different problems affecting flexible pavement and promoting prevention and treatment is one of the objectives of the training modules to improve road safety and reduce maintenance costs.

Regional workshop presents the most innovative experiences in teacher training in Latin America

29 de October de 2018

As part of the Regional Program for the Development of the Teaching Profession in Latin America and the Caribbean (PREDALC), teachers and education authorities from the region presented 33 selected experiences on their contributions to improve ...

Digital transformation to create more livable, competitive and sustainable cities

26 de October de 2018

CAF and Vocento organized the 8th edition of Future in Spanish on Digital Transformation and Development in Spain and Latin America.

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img - Innovation Policies for Productivity
Innovation Policies for Productivity
Productivity depends on several factors, including both macroeconomic and microeconomic, linked to the behavior of production facilities.
img - CAF Conference: Productivity and Innovation for Development
CAF Conference: Productivity and Innovation for Development
Latin American and worldwide experts will discuss the challenges and actions necessary to advance in the construction of a comprehensive agenda that will allow the Region to consolidate itself as a...
img - Young Graduates
Young Graduates
CAF-development bank of Latin America- and the National Public Education Administration of Uruguay (ANEP) hosted a seminar to discuss the challenges and opportunities to guarantee the right to seco...
img - Technical education and professional training in Latin America
Technical education and professional training in Latin America
To increase the competitiveness and productivity of the economies and their enterprises, it is essential to have enough qualified human capital. This seminar will present a scenario of the sit...