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  • noticia - 10 successful interventions in Latin American cities  that could be replicated
  • noticia - Connectivity in schools is the driver of ICTs in Argentina
  • noticia - Potable water that generates employment
  • 10 successful interventions in Latin Amer...

    Through the exchange of experiences among mayors and the accompaniment of CAF - Development Bank of Latin America- through the "Cities with a Future" program, several urban interventions have been c...

  • Connectivity in schools is the driver of ...

    Emphasizing education, the country prioritizes the needs of the sector through the National Telecommunications PlanArgentina Conectada(Connected Argentina)


    Potable water that generates employment

    The Agua+Trabajo (Water+Work) plan mitigated the sanitary vulnerability of 21,897 inhabitants that had no access to potable water services in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, and contributed t...

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our contribution

We provide technical and financial support for infrastructure works, telecommunications, social and environmental development, management of investment and public loans, and strengthening of the productive and SME sector by means of financing tools, technical cooperation, and support for training and generation of knowledge aimed at strengthening development, growth, competitiveness, and inclusion in the country.

CAF: strong support for Argentina's comprehensive developmentimg - CAF: strong support for Argentina's comprehensive development22 de July de 2016

CAF, Development Bank of Latin America, reaffirmed its commitment with the Government of Argentina to face the country's main sustainable development challenges and achieve inclusive and quality economic growth  

Cities to be Leading Voices at G20 Summit in Buenos Aires

13 de December de 2017

C40 Cities launches Urban20 (U20) to raise the profile of urban issues and enhance the role of cities in the G20 agenda. Mayors of Buenos Aires & Paris announce inaugural U20 Mayors Summit to be held in October 2018

CAF approves loans to Argentina totaling USD 220 million

04 de July de 2017

The first loan of USD 120 million will be used to prevent and mitigate the effects of flooding in the area of influence of the River Lujan in Buenos Aires province, while the second, amounting to USD 100 million, will contribute to institu...

Clear rules and long-term policies encourage quality investment

30 de June de 2017

Transparent, efficient and responsible use of public procurement, strategies and policies for better delivery of services, public investment and the dimension of public-private sector partnerships were some of the topics discussed at the ...

Boosting electricity connections between Chile and Argentina

29 de June de 2017

CAF and the Chilean Department of Energy signed a declaration of intent to advance development of electricity connections between Argentina and Chile by carrying out an investment and viability study on electricity integration

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Bankomunales: access to credit for vulnerable populations
Access to financial services for the most vulnerable populations as a mechanism for their social inclusion is a challenge and an imperative to be resolved. 
img - Latin America must invest at least 5 percent per year in infrastructure to take the leap toward competitiveness
Latin America must invest at least 5 percent per year in infrastructure to take the leap toward competitiveness
In the region, the average investment in infrastructure as a percentage of GDP was 2.8 percent between 2008 and 2015, according to the figures in www.infralatam.info, A CAF, IDB, and ECLAC ini...
img - CAF presented the 2016 Economy and Development Report (RED)
CAF presented the 2016 Economy and Development Report (RED)
This year's report highlights family, school, environment and the world of work as the four life contexts that are fundamental to developing and accumulating the various skills that make up the...
img - Uruguay's challenges regarding skills for work and life
Uruguay's challenges regarding skills for work and life
The time that parents dedicate to their children, quality of education, and the reduction of the drop-out rate, as well as youth employment, are basic pillars in the development of skills of U...
Inclusive, productive and resilient cities: the challenge to win the fight against inequality in Latin America
During the first day of the CAF Cities with a Future conference, international experts, ministers and mayors from around Latin American called for cities to become the main engines of economic grow...
img - DATAFIRM-LATAM International Seminar
DATAFIRM-LATAM International Seminar
This seminar will analyze the potential benefits and challenges faced by different countries to increase direct and safe access of researchers to the administrative micro-data of productive uni...
img - Latin American Cities Conferences
Latin American Cities Conferences
AS/CoA, an institution which promotes dialogue and debate regarding the main political, social, and economic issues in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada, holds the cycle of meetings, "L...
img - First Annual CAF-LSE Conference
First Annual CAF-LSE Conference
The Rise of the Global South: Towards an Agenda for a New Century  Perhaps the most important development of the contemporary century is the emergence of the global South onto the stage o...