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  • noticia - For a Safer Latin America: a New Perspective to Prevent and Control Crime
  • noticia - CAF warns about lack of entrepreneurial dynamism in Latin America

    For a Safer Latin America: a New Perspect...

    CAF's 2014 Economy and Development Report proposes a new approach to understand insecurity and violence from the analysis of the elements that make up a criminal event (individual in special circums...

  • CAF warns about lack of entrepreneurial d...

    CAF presented its Economy and Development Report (RED, for its acronym in Spanish), entitled Entrepreneurships in Latin America. From Subsistence Toward Productive Transformation. 

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our contribution

We seek to promote the use of impact measurements and social experimentation as a public management tool, and we encourage the learning process for both public policies and public management initiatives, independently of whether there is a CAF financial product associated to the project, with the goal of consolidating a deeper knowledge footprint that contributes with a decision making process increasingly based on evidence. 

How is scientific evidence related to public policies? 20 de April de 2016

Science applied to the evaluation of public policies allows us to see what the real problems of society are, and if the solutions provided will help. Without empiric evidence, knowledge, and applied science, evaluations are not effective 

The impact of transportation infrastructure on Latin American development

30 de January de 2019

Transport infrastructures are vital to improving accessibility, reducing congestion and increasing productivity in Latin America.

3 key aspects for a rigorous impact evaluation

21 de January de 2019

In the world of public policy, it is not uncommon for some units that were not first considered (for not meeting certain eligibility criteria or any other reason) to participate in a program, or for eligible units to be left out. These issues a...

Ecuador promotes impact assessment as a public management tool

14 de December de 2018

35 public officials from different government entities attended the Ecuador SEMIDE workshop, where they learned basic concepts about impact measurement methodology and received advice from CAF officials on their own assessments

3 key aspects about statistical power in impact assessments

29 de November de 2018

Impact assessment results are usually translated into public policy decisions. The "statistical power" is one of the items that helps ensure that such results actually reflect the assessed policy impact.

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¿Cómo hacer más seguras nuestras ciudades? Medellín cuenta su experiencia
The program Hot Spots in Medellin is a citizen safety public policy that increases police presence in specific places in the city with greater criminality 
How can we improve access to and quality of public services?
Guillermo Perry, former Minister of Finance of Colombia, and Laura Trucco, of the NYU Development Center, explain what is needed to have effective and quality services 
SEMIDE: Impact Measurement Seminar
CAF's Impact Measurement Seminar brings together public policy makers from Latin America with the objective of training public officials on the subject and exchanging ideas to improve the effective...
5 consejos para evaluar políticas públicas
Among the main advices, we highlight: a) making an evaluation of public programs provides legitimacy to the government; b) information allows for better decision making; c) studies should be techni...
Why is it so difficult to measure public policies?
The main obstacles that those in charge of implementing public policies face, lies in the institutional framework that does not believe in impact evaluations for public programs, lack of resources,...
img - Hangout meet with SEMIDE- Learning about impact assessment from experts
Hangout meet with SEMIDE- Learning about impact assessment from experts
Since 2015, CAF - Development Bank of Latin America has been sponsoring a series of expert-delivered theoretical/practical seminars to provide the region’s public officials with impact assessment t...
Impact assessments: How can we close the implementation gap in the public sector?
There is currently a gap between ideal solutions to the problems of the population and the incentive structure and institutional constraints faced by civil servants. How can we close that gap? Dani...
Briefing Hangout on CAF’s 2nd International Call for Proposals for #BetterManagement
The second briefing Hangout will be held on October 18, at 10:00 a.m. Caracas time, to assist those interested in applying for the second window of the call for #BetterManagement
First briefing Hangout on CAF’s 2nd International Call for Proposals on Impact Assessment for #BetterManagement
The first briefing session for parties interested in participating in the first call for #BetterManagement proposals will be held on Monday, July 23, at 10 a.m. in Caracas, through this webpage.