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CAF aims to diversify and expand its efforts to detect and combat fraud and corruption. With this motivation CAF has created the Transparency Committee, which acts as an independent body. This committee aims to detect, prevent, investigate and combat fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion and obstruction linked to financings in which CAF participates or its financial operations, as well as the possible involvement of staff and service providers of the institution in the aforementioned activities.

The CAF Transparency Manual contains general principles as well as the procedures to carry out investigations and  the sanctions to be imposed on persons, entities or companies that engage in fraudulent and corrupt behavior.

This scheme will operate in all cases where allegations of misconduct related to financings in which CAF participates or its financial operations, or those in which the behavior can be categorized as corruption or fraud, materialized by internal staff or external entities and individuals.

To request information, submit complaints or report fraudulent activities:
Email: transparencia@caf.com
Address: Av Luis Roche, Torre CAF, Altamira, Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
(Send a sealed envelope addressed to the Secretary of the Committee on Transparency CAF)
Phone: + 58 (212) 209-2395.

Download the form you can use to raise your complaint:
Formulario de Denuncia  FR-165

Whistleblower protection:
CAF and the Transparency Committee agree that so requested by the complainant, will maintain confidential the identity of the latter, especially if the person fears reprisals taken against him.


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