Credit Lines

A credit line is a financial tool given to customers up to a certain limit that allows them to request funding for various similar and independent projects   during the term thereof. The amount of the credit line and terms of each transaction will be established by CAF during the evaluation process.

Credit Lines can be short term (1 year), medium term (from 1 to 5 years) and, as an exception, long term (more than 5 years). CAF may finances sovereign and non sovereign operations.

CAF also acts as a second tier bank, providing credit lines to development finance institutions, private commercial banks or qualified companies in the productive sectors of the region, so that they can offer funding to specific groups, such as small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Among the advantages of this financial tool is an exposure limit approved for financing one agreement having different eligible operations.

Operations presented by financial institutions or governments of shareholder countries, as well as by private or mixed sector companies, from a wide range of economic sectors, will be eligible for financing.