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  • noticia - Gran Chaco: Social Innovation to Overcome Poverty
  • noticia - Environment, trade, agriculture, and logistics, CAF's contributions to the Panama Canal
  • noticia - The capacity to go though life without feeling ashamed, and social isolation, are also measures of poverty
  • Gran Chaco: Social Innovation to Overcome...

    The Chaco Tri-national Initiative is taking sustainable development and social innovation to one of the poorest, most environmentally sensitive areas in Latin America.

  • Environment, trade, agriculture, and logi...

    In addition to the USD 300 million in financing for the construction phase of the expansion of the Panama Canal, CAF, Development Bank of Latin America, provided knowledge and support to reduce the ...

  • The capacity to go though life without fe...

    The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) estimates that 1.6 billion people worldwide live in situation of multidimensional poverty; that is, with acute shortages of education, health, and mat...

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our contribution

We promote a space for experimentation that contributes to the construction of innovation ecosystems, that captures and tries ideas, services, processes, and models for the development of useful and sustainable solutions for the social problems of the region

Infrastructure, education, and innovation, CAF priorities to support the development of Paraguay img - Infrastructure, education, and innovation, CAF priorities to support the development of Paraguay 31 de May de 2017

Luis Carranza, Executive President of CAF, met with Horacio Cartes, President of the Republic of Paraguay, and reiterated the Institution' commitment with the development of the country

CAF brings Poverty Stoplight to Bolivia as a pioneering tool for social innovation

30 de November de 2018

CAF supports the launch of a new tool to measure and overcome poverty in microfinance institutions in Bolivia. This social innovation tool improves the impact of micro-finance, opens new business opportunities and empowers participating familie...

Hands that Save Lives lands in Mexico

22 de October de 2018

After completing their training, seven women with visual disabilities from Mexico join healthcare centers to foster early detection of breast cancer.

How social innovation transforms life in Bolivia’s prisons

17 de October de 2018

Since its inception in 2015, the social enterprise model implemented at the Obrajes Female Orientation Center (COF), called Pan de Libertad (Bread of Freedom), has trained more than 200 women as bakers and confectioners, who learned how to make...

Increased productivity and fiscal stability, the major unresolved issues in Latin America

06 de September de 2018

On the second day of the CAF Conference, the most effective measures for Latin America to increase its productivity levels were discussed, along with the most suitable policies to balance fiscal accounts and achieve macroeconomic stability in t...

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Medellin: Urban Innovation and Social Resilience
Medellin is one of the most innovative cities in the world and Latin America. To achieve this, the city focused on two themes: innovation in urban development and social resilience. In the last...
Malaria in the Caribbean: a double-way approach
Malaria, as other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, does not recognice boundaries between countries. This is a bi-national project to eradicate malaria from Haiti and the Dominican Republic. ...
Cacao in Ecuador: a sustainable model of social and solidarity-based economy
This initiative seeks to optimize the value chain of cacao to improve the quality of life and the capacities of a network of social and solidarity-based economy that gathers more than 74,000 p...
Bankomunales: access to credit for vulnerable populations
Access to financial services for the most vulnerable populations as a mechanism for their social inclusion is a challenge and an imperative to be resolved. 
Bread of Freedom: Social enterprise that transforms lives
The inmates of the Centro de Orientación Femenina de Obrajes (Female Prison Center) in La Paz consolidate a social enterprise with baking products and knits with the brand OUT, which are marke...
img - Poverty Stoplight in Bolivia
Poverty Stoplight in Bolivia
CAF is inviting interested parties to the launch of the Poverty Stoplight in Bolivia, an innovative tool that measures poverty levels in families and identifies solutions.
img - Forum: 'Hidden' poverty and inequality.
Forum: 'Hidden' poverty and inequality.
CAF-development bank of Latin America- and the Social Debt Observatory of the Catholic University of Argentina invite you to attend the “‘Hidden’ poverty and inequality forum. Social innovation and...
img - "My bathroom, my kitchen, my pride" Award
"My bathroom, my kitchen, my pride" Award
More than 700 families participate in the 2016 edition of the Contest "My bathroom, my kitchen, my pride", an initiative that promotes the entrepreneurial spirit of women in Paraguay as a key ...
img - Launching of the Mexico and Central America Globalizer X
Launching of the Mexico and Central America Globalizer X
Meet the six social entrepreneurs that have been selected this year to participate in the Mexico and Central America Globalizer X 
img - New variables for the measurement of poverty
New variables for the measurement of poverty
"Las dimensiones faltantes en la medición de la pobreza" (The missing variables in the measurement of poverty" is a study developed jointly by Oxford University and CAF's Social Innovation ini...