Financial Consultancy

CAF provides financial advisory services to clients in the private, public, or mixed sectors. The scope of CAF's efforts in this area depends on the specific needs of each client and may or may not be linked to fundraising or a specific financial product.

The range of advisory services that CAF offers involves defining and structuring financing plans for projects or companies, assisting the public sector in the design and implementation of public bidding processes for construction, operation, and management of infrastructure or public services (public-private partnerships, concessions), assisting the private sector in preparing bids to take part in said public bidding processes,assisting in mergers and acquisitions, and company appraisals, among other activities.

The financial advisory services offered by CAF afford customers from the public and private sectors additional options that complement and add value to CAF's traditional products.

These services are directed at national and regional governments, public, private or mixed enterprises of the shareholder countries seeking innovative operations or requiring specialized financial knowledge.

Applications may be sent to the Office of the Director for Financial Advisory Services


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