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27 de September de 2018Efforts made to reduce speed violations in Peruvian roads

CAF and SUTRAN organized a road safety workshop in Lima to define the best strategies to reduce speeding violations on Peruvian roads, and thus avoid the worst consequences of traffic accidents.

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The workshop organized by CAF-development Bank of Latin America- and the Superintendent of Transportation of Persons, Cargo and Goods (SUTRAN), analyzed initiatives to improve prevention techniques and good practices while driving, as key aspects to reduce speeding violations and accidents as a consequence.

Participants used the theory of change to jointly reflect and discuss the main causes of traffic accidents in Peru. They also outlined a detailed map of the issue, highlighting aspects such as the need to provide adequate training to bus drivers and deficiencies in the fines system. 

The workshop was attended by Juan Miguel Durán Pietro, Secretary of Economic Development, Industry and Tourism in the city of Bogota and former Superintendent of Transportation and Ports of Colombia (2010-2014) and Nicolás Estupiñán, Director of Sectoral Knowledge at CAF, who shared successful policies that have been implemented in other Latin American countries like Colombia.

CAF and SUTRAN renewed their commitment to work together and measure the effectiveness of a series of training workshops for bus drivers from 145 of the 300 transportation companies with the largest number of speeding cases in Peru.

Monitoring to reduce traffic accidents

In February this year, the project titled “Speed Control within and over the speed limits in road transport vehicles,” was chosen as one of the winners of the 1st CAF International Call for Impact Assessments for Better Management. The project is part of a Modernization Plan for Electronic Control and Management, designed to reduce accidents on roads through wireless monitoring of vehicles.” SUTRAN’s wireless monitoring system is currently 100% implemented in passenger transportation (14,000 units) and 35% in transportation of goods (approximately 46,000 units).

According to official records, there are 247 road accidents, 145 injured and 9 deaths every day in Peru. While only 3% of traffic accidents occur on highways, these accidents result in almost 30% of the fatalities. According to SUTRAN, 84% of accidents are caused by human factors, including speeding. In the framework of CAF’s assessment project, the purpose of the monitoring system is to measure the effectiveness of different policies advanced by the institution to reduce the issue of road accidents.



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