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October  25,  2018Chatham House Conference Latin America 2018: Leadership, Governance and Economic Progress
evento - Chatham House Conference Latin America 2018

The Chatham House Conference Latin America 2018 will bring together leaders from the government, private sector and civil society to discuss the current political, economic and social dynamics in Latin America, besides assessing greater investment and sustainable growth in the region.


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In 2018, a series of elections have the potential to deliver major changes in leadership and strategic direction in some of Latin America’s largest economies. Colombia, Mexico and Brazil will all elect new presidents, as will Paraguay and Costa Rica. International focus will also be on the region as Argentina holds the G20 presidency, the first South American country to do so.

Latin America is emerging from a decade of slow economic growth, and some countries from years of recession. Addressing relatively low levels of domestic productivity, gaps in critical infrastructure as well as educational and health inequalities calls for increased investment and structural reforms across the region. Greater economic diversification, innovation and new business models will also be needed to harness Latin America’s demographic dividend, to future-proof its economies and to make them less reliant on commodities exports.

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