CAF, ENAP, CLAD and UN Women organize the Latin American Meeting on Gender Equality in Public Administration

March 15, 2024

From March 18 to 20, 2024, the "Latin American Meeting on Gender Equality in Public Administration" will be held in the city of Brasilia, Brazil, organized by CAF -development bank of Latin America and the Caribbean, the School National Public Administration (ENAP), the Latin American Center for Development Administration (CLAD) and UN Women.

Meeting: Gender Equality in Public Administration in Latinamerica
This important event will bring together public servants, researchers, academics, and people interested in promoting gender equality and the representation of women, considering the intersectionality of race and ethnicity, in the public sector of the countries of the Latin American region.
The program includes high-level panels with the participation of Brazilian government ministers such as Ester Dweck, Cida Gonçalves, Anielle Franco, Sonia Guajajara, and Wellington Dias, among other prominent personalities and guests from across the region. Topics will be addressed such as regional forecasts and challenges, implementing policies and programs, forms of violence against women in public administration, and institutional profiles and conditions that favor or hinder women's access to leadership positions.
Likewise, specialized thematic sessions will be developed to complement the program, providing an enriching space for the exchange of experiences, good practices, and proposals for action around gender equality in the public sector.
The Latin American Meeting on Gender Equality in Public Administration will bring together experts from across the region and represents a unique opportunity to reflect, debate, and propose concrete solutions that promote parity and professional development of public servants in Latin America and the Caribbean.