CAF conducts its second bond issuance in Costa Rica

April 19, 2024

The amount of the issuance is CRC 47,250,000,000, equivalent to USD 94 million with 6.35% coupons and a term of 8 years. The bond issuance was structured by BCR Valores Puesto de Bolsa and Citibank.

CAF conducts its second bond issuance in Costa Rica

CAF - development bank of Latin America and the Caribbean, a multilateral financial institution founded in 1968, continues to diversify its investor base globally with a new bond issuance in the capital market of Costa Rica. The first issuance occurred in July 2023.

This issuance, structured by BCR Valores Puesto de Bolsa, marks a significant step in CAF's strategy to become a regular issuer in Costa Rica, highlighting its commitment to deepening the capital markets of the region.

The subscribed amount is 47,250 million colones (CRC), equivalent to approximately 94 million dollars (USD). The notable participation of pension funds and insurance companies in this issuance highlights its appeal to institutional investors.

"This is the second issuance of our local bond program registered in Costa Rica. With this issuance, we continue our firm commitment to support the development of capital markets and accompany sustainability strategies and debt management. We firmly believe in the power of capital markets to drive economic development and will continue to work to provide innovative and competitive financial solutions that meet the challenges of our shareholder countries. We deeply appreciate the support and trust that our investors and partners have given us, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate together in building a prosperous and sustainable future for everyone," stated Sergio Díaz-Granados, Executive President of CAF.

"In line with our sustainability strategy and in order to expand the offering of high-quality products, we are pleased to partner with CAF to provide our investors with investment options, diversify their assets, and generate profitability in their investment portfolios," asserted Vanessa Olivares, Manager of BCR Valores Puesto de Bolsa.

CAF has accumulated more than three decades of experience in implementing a strategy of diversifying its financing sources, through a continuous presence in the global capital markets. This has favored access to financial resources under competitive conditions. Likewise, diversification has provided flexibility and resilience in the face of changes in the global economic and financial environment, allowing the continuity of operations and the fulfillment of its mission to promote sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean.