Latin America and the Caribbean have a new brand to attract more investment, tourism, and a greater global presence

May 15, 2024

The call made by CAF -development bank of Latin America and the Caribbean, which received over 500 applications, resulted in the new brand that will act as a vehicle to drive partnerships and develop initiatives that promote the growth of our region and contribute to a more significant global presence.

The new global brand of Latin America and the Caribbean is ready. After a successful call with more than 500 applications and a co-creation exercise with 5 finalist groups in Sao Paulo, Brazil, CAF -development bank of Latin America and the Caribbean- presented the image selected by a jury after the participation of more than 2,000 people from across the region.

The image submitted by "Ana Belén Arregui (Ecuador), Alejandro Muñoz Bottas (Ecuador), and Jean Nicolas Guerreiro (Brazil)", was the winner following the criteria of development and relevance of the conceptual proposal, identification with the region, adaptability, flexibility, and versatility; meeting all the necessary conditions to represent Latin America and the Caribbean in a global context, stated the jury composed of Adriana Barbosa, CEO of Pretahub; Claudia Casarino, visual artist; Gustavo Santos, regional director for the Americas of UN Tourism; Karina Salguero, vice-president of the Ibero-American Association of Design; Sergio Díaz-Granados, executive president of CAF; Tere Chad, artist and curator of NeoNorte 5.0; and Dr. Terri-Karelle Johnson, writer, TV host, and influencer.

The logo stands out for its concept of unity and integration in a region with over 650 million people from 33 countries, more than 400 ethnic groups, and 450 languages.

“This new image represents the essence of what unites us and will help the region strengthen its voice on the international stage. This will contribute to promoting investments, encouraging tourism, and enhancing the projection as a solution region. The Regional Brand is a great opportunity, therefore, in the role of CAF as a development bank for the entire region, we fulfill the function of articulating meeting points and we will continue to commit to the creation of partnerships with public, private organizations, and civil society to position Latin America and the Caribbean as a region of progress and global solutions,” stated Sergio Díaz-Granados, Executive President of CAF.

The goal of this initiative, through the new brand of Latin America and the Caribbean, is to position it as a region of solutions to the challenges of climate change; boost the agro-industrial sector; promote tourism; foster intra-regional trade; drive cultural and creative industries; leverage the opportunity represented by Latinos around the world; and promote initiatives with impact that at the same time generate notoriety and are relevant on the global stage.

The presentation of the regional brand took place at an event organized by CAF in collaboration with UN Tourism at the library of the Memorial of Latin America, a space that uniquely symbolizes the cultural richness of the region, the integration of its countries, and the opportunities to generate a greater impact on the international agenda; and it was attended by the Executive President of CAF, Sergio Díaz-Granados; the Regional Director for the Americas of UN Tourism, Gustavo Santos; the President of the Memorial Foundation of Latin America, Pedro Mastrobuono; the Executive Director of Country Brand Chile, Rossana Dresdner; the artist and curator of NeoNorte 5.0, Tere Chad; the Executive Vice President of External Affairs of Millicom, Karim Lesina; and the sculptor, painter, and photographer, Claudia Casarino; among others.

During the event, representatives of the private sector and the cultural sector of the region discussed the competitive advantages of Latin America and the Caribbean as a tourist destination and investment, the opportunities generated by the cultural diversity of our countries for the region to have a unique identity, and the potential of creative industries to boost the growth of economies.