Teams from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela will compete to create the Regional Brand

May 06, 2024

CAF will present the winner at an event to be held on May 15th in São Paulo, Brazil, where global influence leaders will discuss opportunities in the region for tourism, investment, and more.

After receiving more than 500 applications from groups of advertisers, designers, and creatives, CAF - development bank of Latin America and the Caribbean- announces the 5 groups that will travel to São Paulo, Brazil, to participate in the final stretch of the contest to create the image of the region brand, which will represent us proudly to the world, fostering a unified identity that highlights our uniqueness, opportunities for tourism, investment, and projection as a solution region.

Representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela will travel to São Paulo from May 12th to 15th to participate in a bootcamp where they will have inspiration sessions, workshops, and mentorships guided by regional professionals with a recognized track record in brand development. This will be followed by the conceptualization and development of the logo, among other elements of the new brand for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The regional brand image will be unveiled on May 15th at an event organized by CAF in collaboration with UNWTO Tourism, where representatives from the private sector and cultural sector, as well as authorities from the Brazilian government and other regional countries, will discuss the competitive advantages of Latin America and the Caribbean as a tourist and investment destination. Furthermore, they will explore the opportunities that our countries' cultural diversity presents for the region to have a unique identity and the potential of the creative industries to drive economic growth

The event will take place starting at 5 PM São Paulo time at the library of the Latin America Memorial, a space that uniquely symbolizes the region's cultural richness, the integration of its countries, and the opportunities to make a greater impact on the international agenda. The event will feature the presence of CAF Executive President, Sergio Díaz-Granados; the Regional Director for the Americas of UNWTO, Gustavo Santos; the Minister of Tourism of Jamaica, Edmund Bartlett; the artist and curator of NeoNorte 5.0, Tere Chad; the President of the Latin America Memorial Foundation, Pedro Mastrobuono; the Executive Vice President of External Affairs of Millicom, Karim Lesina; and the sculptor, painter, and photographer, Claudia Casarino, among others.

After the discussion sessions, the selected proposal for the Latin America and Caribbean Region Brand will be presented, which will be the image that represents the region at international forums and world-class events. It will also serve as a vehicle to foster partnerships and develop initiatives that promote the growth of our countries and help the region gain a more significant place on the global stage.

These are the selected teams that will have two representatives in Brazil:

TEAM 1, Argentina:

  • Claudio Chicchinelli, Art Director.
  • Diego Cesar, Bachelor of Marketing and Creative
  • Clara Rubio, Geographer.
  • Fernanda Rubio, Anthropologist.
  • Agustín Neglía, Videographer.

TEAM 2, Chile:

  • Tomas Castiglioni – Co-founder of MICE Studio.
  • Edo Bertrán - Founder of Simplicity.
  • Italo Arenas – Art Director at Simplicity.

TEAM 3, Colombia:

  • Oliver Siegenthaler, Art Director - S&C.
  • Catherine Estefan, Brand Strategist - S&Co.
  • Juan Martínez - Senior Designer - S&Co.
  • Juliana Rojas - Motion Designer - S&Co.

TEAM 4, Ecuador & Brazil:

  • Belén Arregui - Ecuador - Senior Art Director - Tag NY
  • Alejandro Bottas - Ecuador - Art Director - MullenLowe Dubai
  • Jean Guerreiro - Brazil - Art Director - MullenLowe Dubai

TEAM 5, Venezuela:

  • Andrea Marcano - Art Director - The Wave
  • Barbara Carro - Art Director - The Wave
  • Celine Moreno - Art Director - The Wave
  • Mariana Madalena - Art Director - The Wave

With over 650 million people across the 33 countries that make up Latin America and the Caribbean, there is a potential to attract foreign investment in various strategic sectors. Moreover, a more integrated and cohesive region will contribute to boosting synergies and cooperation among its countries, which could facilitate access to new markets and reduce promotion and marketing costs.